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Saint Peter (also known as Saint Peter the Apostle) has appeared in his stereotypical guise as the gatekeeper or "doorman" of Heaven on The Simpsons. In "Treehouse of Horror XI," he continually refuses Homer's entry into heaven on account of Homer's not having performed a truly good deed at any point in his life. Having given Homer one more chance, he allows Homer's spirit to return to earth. However, when Homer does finally perform a good deed (saving a baby from death in a Battleship Potemkin parody sequence) Saint Peter claims not to have seen it. When Homer exclaims 'Well, I'll be damned", Saint Peter replies "Yes, I'm afraid you will be" before activating a trap-door that sends Homer ultimately to Hell.

St. Peter also appears in a vision to Father Sean in a flashback in "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star", telling a young Sean to change his drunken hooligan ways, inspiring the young drunken hooligan to become a Catholic priest.

Behind the Laughter

Peter was one of the first apostles of Jesus Christ, and according to Catholic tradition, was the first Bishop of Rome and therefore the first Pope before being martyred in AD 64. The reason that popular culture shows him as the "doorman" of Heaven is that in the Gospels, Jesus entrusted Peter with the Keys to Heaven and Earth (keys which are to this day part of the Papal insignia).

A modern St. Peter.


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