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Stampy is a rogue African elephant owned by Bart.


Stampy's first appearance

Bart won the elephant in a radio contest called "KBBL Wants to Give You Something Stupid." The listener was supposed to take $10,000 cash instead of the elephant (which was offered as a gag prize), but Bart caused a major uproar when he insisted on taking the elephant and was denied by the DJs Bill and Marty. KBBL management forced Bill and Marty to give Bart an elephant by threatening to fire them and replace them with a machine. Under the threat, the DJs got an elephant to give to Bart, and Stampy came to live with the Simpsons.[1]

Stampy name appears on the list of voters when Robert Terwilliger rigged the election.[2]

Stampy quickly proved to be too much for the family to handle, however, as they didn't have enough room for him and couldn't afford the enormous quantities of food he needed. A poacher and ivory dealer, Mr. Blackheart, offered to buy him, but the Simpsons decided to donate him to a wildlife preserve after Stampy rescued Homer and Barney from drowning in a tar pit.

Apparently Stampy disliked being at the wildlife reserve and fought with the other elephants.[1]. At Apu's wedding, Bart saw him riding an elephant. Bart commented, "I wish I had an elephant." Lisa replied, "You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him." His memory thus jogged, Bart simply replied, "Oh, yeah."[3]

Stampy also was involved in a plan by Bart to help Krusty the Clown restore his public image. It was where Stampy puts Bart and Milhouse into his mouth so that Krusty can say the word Magombo and they will be released. This, however, nearly had disastrous consequences, due to Krusty forgetting the code word at the most inconvenient time, also resulting in Homer being put in his mouth when he attempted to save the kids, and only ended well when Marge, in a desperate attempt to save Bart and Homer, managed to expose her then-surgically enlarged breasts in public due to Krusty unintentionally stating the code word regarding Marge's breasts.[4]

During Trappuccino, Stampy helped the townspeople to break the dome. He was the first to make a crack in it and the only one known to have done so.[5]


Stampy is especially fond of peanuts[1] and also enjoys putting people in his mouth.[4]

Stampy is aggressive toward other elephants, as seen when he was first brought to the wildlife preserve.[1] He also once attacked a bear as well.[6] He might have gotten that behavior from Homer, since he is shown attacking the wildlife preserve responsible.

In spite of his aggressive nature, Stampy has been trained to have a safety word, "magumbo". When someone says the word, Stampy goes limp and lies down, letting go of anything (or anyone) he's holding in his mouth.[4]