Stanley "Stan" Marsh is the overall main protagonist of South Park.


He was seen when Bart and Milhouse were watching his show. During the episode, an O. J. Simpson riot broke out at Stan's school.[1]

Bart once dressed as him waiting at a bus stop.[2]

In the Robot Chicken Missing Sailboat couch gag, Homer asks him, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny if they looted the sailboat painting, to which they swear at him. He later kills them by stepping on them.[3]

Behind the Laughter

Stan Marsh seen in South Park.

Stan Marsh is the foul-mouthed, main protagonist of the animated series South Park. Stan is voiced by the series co-creator, Trey Parker, in the original TV animated series from the real world and Pamela Hayden in his appearance on The Simpsons.



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