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Homer: But what if I want a drink of cooled water?!
Lenny: Well you should have thought of that when you weren't watching the movie!

(At the movie theater, where the Simpsons are about to watch a Radioactive Man film)
Homer: Two adults, two kids, and one senior with the mind of a baby, so he should be free.
Squeaky-Voiced Teen: For the 3-D show, that'll be $72.
Homer: Wha?
Squeaky-Voiced Teen: Or, for $10 more, you can see it in IMAX Hobbit Frame Rate Virtual Reality Vision. (Cut to the outside of a cinema equipped with it, where patrons who are wearing virtual reality helmets are walking out dizzy; one throws up in his helmet.)

Homer: Illegally download it? Is that legal?

(After being shown how to illegally download movies by Bart)
Homer: Wow, that was easy. All I had to do was click on-(Scene immediately cuts to footage of NASCAR's 2011 Goody's Fast Relief 500 race)

(Talking about a Radioactive Man film with Bart)
Homer: Boy, that's the greatest thing I've ever watched online that I can talk about with you in the room.

(Talking about illegally downloading films)
Homer: How did you know how to do that?
Bart: I'm under 30.

Swedish Man: We Swedes love death metal; it reminds us of death!

(Homer and the others prepare for the premiere)
Homer: All right, movie. You better be worth it!

(after seeing an Radioactive ad at the movie theater before the premiere)
Homer: Hey, they tricked us! That's a commercial! If I wanted to pay for commercials I can't skip, I'd sign up for Hulu Plus!
Moviegoer #1: Shh!
Homer: You're shushing Me? This guy's on his cell phone, she's texting, he's sexting, and that guy brought a baby to a 9:00 movie!
Moviegoer #2: (with Spanish accent) That's negative man.
Homer: What happened to the movies? First they got worst than TV, and now this! (he breaks his 3-D glasses and the audience gasps and he is kicked out)
Altar Boy Usher: And stay out!

(at the prison bus)
Homer: What are you guys in for?
Dan: Bank robbery
Kevin: Drug trafficking. What about you?
Homer: Movie piracy. (the prison inmates gasp)
Dan: People in show business work hard to make these movies!
Kevin: My media stocks under-performed because of people like you!
Hank: My brother lost his job as a grip on a movie set because of piracy. He had to sell his jet ski. A grip without a jet ski AIN'T NO GRIP AT ALL! (the prisoners free themselves from their backseat bars and strangles Homer with his cuffs)
Kevin: You're about to find out what we do to copyright infringers. (the prisoners are ready to kill him, making the bus lose control and fall on a ledge and land on the railroad tracks)

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