Postcards From the Wedge
Stealing First Base
The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

Cultural References

  • The Itchy & Scratchy Show segment features a parody of the 1982 movie Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance complete with time-lapse photography and musical compositions similar to Philip Glass' work.
  • The kissing montage is a parody of the 1988 movie Cinema Paradiso with its music and tone.
  • The vampire novel Nikki is holding while talking to Bart is called "Red Moon" a parody of the Twilight series book "New Moon".
  • The portion of Bart's dream involving the spoof of Alien 3 is a reference to a film reviewed by Jay Sherman in The Critic.
  • Michelle Obama posts comments on Lisa's blog under the username FLOTUS1, and later tells Lisa she would have used FLOTUS but it was already taken. FLOTUS is an acronym for Mrs. Obama's title: First Lady Of The United States.
  • Some of FLOTUS' bodyguards wear MTVs (Modular Tactical Vests) which are currently only at use with the USMC.
  • This is WALL·E's second appearance in the Simpsons. The first was The Burns and the Bees.
  • Nikki's parents appearance are modelled on Anna and Marcus from the V (2009) TV series.

Montage Kisses

Among the famous movie and television kisses that were reanimated shot-for-shot seen in the montage are from:


  • Goof: When Nikki winks at Bart, the printing on her shirt disappears.
  • Michelle Obama is shown at a podium with a seal. In actuality there is no seal for the first lady. The U.S. Constitution does not establish an Office of the First Lady. First ladies are presidents' wives, not an elected office.
  • Maggie does not appear in this episode for undisclosed reasons, leaving Lisa as the only Simpson child to appear in every episode, but Maggie’s picture was seen in the Simpson’s house.
  • The First Lady does not personally use a VH-60N Whitehawk or any other presidential helicopters. The presidential helicopters are most usually reserved for the President or occasionally the Vice President, although the First Lady does fly in one if accompanied by the President.
  • This is the the second episode where Bart falls in love with a girl who backstabs him. The first was Bart's Girlfriend.
  • At the last scene and in the beginning of it on Nikki's locker there are stickers that represents the following: A red nuclear bomb, the Yin-Yang symbol, a yellow hand print, a symbol that is owned by the American rock band Linkin Park and some other stickers that are visible but hard to see.

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