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Steamed Hams is a meme based on the Season 7 episode "22 Short Films About Springfield". The unedited version is the segment of Seymour Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. People make parodies of the scene such as subverting the genre or adding a twist to the events or just making a YouTube Poop and SiIvaGunner rips out of it, and in fact, someone even made a Hit & Run level, An Unforgettable Luncheon, out of it. A clip of this short also appeared in the “Bart's Not Dead” couch gag celebrating 30 years of The Simpsons.


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Principal Skinner invites Superintendent Chalmers to his home for a luncheon he hopes will be a memorable one. Skinner later discovers his roast has been burnt and decides to order fast food from Krusty Burger and pass it off as his own cooking. Before he climbs out of the window, Chalmers walks in abruptly. The awkward moment is interrupted by a made-up theme song in the style of a 1980s sitcom, complete with a title card and montage. Skinner tries to come up with fake explanations to cover up his lies, claiming he's stretching on the windowsill and the smoke is actually steam from the "steamed clams" he was preparing. Chalmers reluctantly buys the lie and exits the room, at which point, Skinner seizes the moment and rushes out the window and across the street. He returns with a plate of hamburgers and fries, to which Chalmers recalls Skinner saying that he was preparing steamed clams. To keep himself from getting caught, Skinner comes up with another lie and claims that he said "steamed hams" which is a regional dialect for hamburgers. Chalmers asks what region Skinner is referring to and he claims the phrase hails from upstate New York. Charmers, who grew up in Utica, has never heard the phrase before in his life. Still keen on trying to get away with it, Skinner narrows the location down to Albany which Chalmers accepts. However, upon tucking into his meal, Chalmers immediately notices the burgers Skinner "prepared" are exactly like the ones from Krusty Burger. Skinner continues to lie about everything, until Chalmers finally corners him by pointing out that the, "steamed" hams are clearly grilled. Skinner excuses himself to the kitchen to think of a good explanation, only to see that he forgot to turn off the oven and the entire kitchen is now on fire. When Skinner tries to rush Chalmers out of the house so he can deal with the fire, Chalmers is alarmed at the sight of a red glow coming from the kitchen, so Skinner passes it off as Aurora borealis, which surprisingly enough, convinces him.

As Chalmers exits the house, Agnes calls out to Skinner that the house is in fire, but Skinner calls back that it is "just the Northern Lights". The Superintendent states that although Skinner is an odd fellow, he, "steam[s] a good ham." He walks away and Agnes (off-screen) calls for help. Chalmers looks back at Skinner who is giving a thumbs up, and he deems the situation understandable. The Springfield Fire Department rushes to extinguish the fire off-screen.

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  • The segment was popularized when it became an internet meme in 2017/2018, especially when people started making "Steamed Hams but.." videos.
    • The first "but..." videos originated from SiIvaGunner rips of "We Are Number One" from LazyTown.
  • In The Road to Cincinnati, there's a restaurant called Steamed Hams.
  • On a gaming platform called ROBLOX there is a game of the same name.
  • A user on YouTube named Chuwawa recreated the animation in Lego style to make it look like Brick Like Me.
  • A Steamed Hams Christmas card is shown in the credits of Manger Things.
  • If you search “steamed hams” on Google, it will ask “Did you mean: steamed clams”.
  • A user called "Nightbane Games" recreated Steamed Hams mod in The Simpsons: Hit & Run.