This article is about the Stephen Hawking character. For the real-life physicist and guest voice actor, please see Stephen Hawking.

Stephen William Hawking was a British theoretical physicist.


He arrived in Springfield hoping to see the perfect utopia created by the local MENSA group who had taken control but was dismayed to see it was more of a "fruitopia". When the townspeople began destroying a gazebo, he flew in to rescue Lisa, who was trapped within. As well as a propeller, he also has toothbrush and extending boxing glove (which he uses on Skinner) attachments. He later shares a beer with Homer at Moe's Tavern and plans to steal his "theory of a donut shaped universe", before using his boxing glove to hit Homer when he refuses to pay the bar tab.[1] He was later shown in line to evacuate the Earth,[2] and appeared again,[3] and later used his propeller to get out of a corn maze.[4] He was also seen at Expressions, wearing gold jewellery, including a chain with the equation E=MC2 on, while spinning in circles to a song[5].

When in a parallel dimension, Homer reflects on his lack of knowledge of astrophysics. He says that he wishes to have read the book by "that wheelchair guy," referring to Hawking.[6]


  • Stephen Hawking's Simpsons counterpart can make facial expressions, blink his eyes and type into the voice synthesizer with his fingers. In real life, Hawking was paralyzed to the point that he could not use his hands, and hence had to rely on a brain-computer interface to operate the voice synthesizer on his wheelchair.
  • On The Simpsons: Tapped Out, a robot version of Hawking, Mecha Hawk is available. In a 2015 Little Britain sketch, Hawking was depicted as having the ability to transform into a robot.




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