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Stewart Duck is a duck that works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


In "The Last Temptation of Homer", Mr. Burns is being inspected by the Department of Labor and Mr. Burns agrees to hire a woman although he declares "I stand by my hiring practices". At this point, a duck wearing a hard hat waddles by towing a wagon and momentarily pauses. Burns exclaims "Get back to work Stewart!" and the duck runs off. He is later seen pecking the head of a fellow employee.

According to the back of his Simpsons Mania! card, Stuart replaced Homer for a brief time as Safety Inspector of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Prior to that, he served a model for the animators of the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon series. The fruits of his labors at Itchy & Scratchy Studios may be seen in the award-winning cartoon, "Duck and Cover."[1]

Stewart briefly appeared in "Specs and the City", when Homer sneaks into Burns's offices and sees the live Oogle Googles video feeds of the Power Plant employees. The feed of one employee, "D, Stewart", showed a snippet of Angry Birds fan fiction on a computer screen. "D" could in fact refer to "Duck", given the avian connection.


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