Stogie is a man who works at the Moho House nightclub as a professional pianist, and appears in the episode "Moho House". He is voiced by recurring voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson.


While Moe is at his club, he meets a professional pianist named Stogie on the outdoor patio of the club. Moe requests Stogie to play "Moonglow", and he agrees. As Stogie plays the song, Marge reveals that "Moonglow" is her favorite song, and Moe says that she came into his bar seven years ago and she played it on his jukebox. Marge then asks Moe if she wants to dance to the song, and Moe agrees even though he says that he actually does it a lot behind the bar (hence the crazy-moving legs). As Stogie plays on his piano, Marge and Moe dance to the music.

Later, Moe is feeling sad about what happened earlier; he thought to himself that Marge was waving him home like a third-base coach, but had no idea if he could do that to Homer. To cheer him up, Stogie plays a song that he's been messing around with that may or may not be a commentary on his solution. As Stogie plays this song, Moe says to himself that Homer didn't treat Marge right and she should be loved like how Barney loves his bar.

After Moe says that maybe someday he'll find happiness but not today, Stogie plays one more song to finish up the episode while snapshots of Smithers giving his 81st birthday gift to his mother Mrs. Smithers, Patty and Selma smoking cigars, and the nightclub being demolished appear.


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