Crook and Ladder
Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!
24 Minutes
Homer: Why do stuff that happen to stupid people keep happening to me?

Lisa: (being thrown in the air by Homer) Corn, more corn, another kid being thrown in the air, witches' coven, Seattle Space Needle. Ugh, I'm getting dizzy. And corn again.

Bart: Hey Lise, want to touch Strangles? He's not slimy, he's scaly.
Lisa: (touches Strangles) Eww, he is slimy.
Bart: That's because I soaked him in slime!! Ha-ha, ha ha ha ha.
Homer: You little-- (strangles Bart) I'll teach you to mess with your sister! (grunting while strangling Bart. Homer gets strangled by Strangles, and chokes)
Marge: Homer, can you breathe?
Homer: Well, I can breathe out okay. (now really struggling to breathe) Don't give snake attention. (face turns red, and falls on the floor) I'm okay.

Brandine Spuckler: Cletus, you coward, is you man or turtle?
Cletus: Here's your answer. Skiddle, Skiddle, Scurry, Skiddle.

Stephen Hawking: This maze is too hard for me. (Helicopter blades appear from back of chair. Hawkins flies off)

Groundskeeper Willie: That'll do, snake. That'll do.

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