Stradivarius Cain is a man who is a spy and Homer's imaginary friend. His mission is to make Homer into a man that Marge cannot resist.


Stradivarius Cain is a movie character who has starred in at least two movies based on him. One of his movies has him coming out of the sea, unzipping his body (which was used as a disguise) to reveal his white suit underneath. His other movie has him holding onto a helicopter's rotor blades as it lands onto a castle. He then sneaks into the castle, where he kills the Russian general and attacks the other enemies.

Cain later made an appearance in one of the videos on the MyPads that the Springfield Elementary School students were watching on.[1]

Cain recently made an appearance in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a premium limited time character during the Secret Agents 2017 event as the final prize of Act 3.

Homer's Hallucination

After getting a concussion at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant caused by falling onto the ground from a stepladder when Mr. Burns crashes into it with his minicar, Homer Simpson starts to hallucinate, as proven when he sees Stradivarius Cain on the TV at Moe's Tavern. When he looks around, Cain is sitting next to him, and explains to Homer that he is his imaginary friend who intends to help him become a better husband. In order to do so, Cain tells Homer to flirt with other women in order to teach him how to be kind to his wife Marge. After a few failed attempts, he succeeds on attempting to flirt, but when he flirts with the Blue-eyed wife, the Blue-eyed husband threatens to shoot Homer. Eventually, with help from Cain, Homer manages to squeeze a lime into his eyes (as a lemon failed to squirt). They both run off and Cain seems to enjoy that.

Sometime later, after Homer wonders where the hidden weapons are, Cain tells him to clean out his car. Homer says that his nagging was making him like a second wife, so Cain turns into a woman to tell him that he can do that. Later, at a club, when the Blue-eyed husband from earlier prepares to shoot Homer again, Homer doesn't have lime to use on him, but he realizes that he must get help from Cain in order to stop him. After Cleatus the Football Robot appears, it unzips itself and Cain steps out, where he tells Homer to flirt with the man in the same way he did so with his wife in order to convince the man not to shoot. Homer does so, and it succeeds. Cain's job is complete, and Homer and Marge continue to party.[2]



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