Stranded is a TV show dealing with survivors of a plane crash on a deserted island. According to Lisa and Marge, it mixed scientific and religious paradoxes and was considered huge, at least during the first and last seasons, and the last season, the fifth season, was a total bomb and ended in 2008. Apparently, Marge had wanted to see it, but Homer initially refused due to thinking it was pretentious.


Homer, while searching on the Wi-Fi streaming for the Butt-Whisperer 4000 for something he could watch while exercising, stumbles upon it and it piques his interest when learning he hadn't seen the show before, and decided to watch it since islands were always entertaining from Gilligan to Iwo Jima. However, he then is shocked to learn that they were stranded on the island due to a plane crash, and also is baffled by a flashback raising more questions than it answered. Eventually, one of the main characters, while opening a coconut, discovered a cat he had as a child inside, as well as his nametag having the numbers of his flight, with the cat purring "purgatory" and their wondering where they were. Homer got so attached to the series that he ended up spending more time watching the show than actually exercising. A major antagonist for the series was the Lava Being. Marge eventually discovers Homer not actually exercising and gets mad, especially when he had earlier blew off the series. Eventually, she spoils the last episode, revealing that the island was 15 miles from Long Beach, that the Al, Doorway Three led straight to Hell despite the writers insisting it did not actually go there, and the whole "Strandiverse" was merely a gravel in a cosmic kitty litter box, outraging Homer, although he forgave Marge when she offered a romantic evening to see the last episode.

Behind the laughter

The show is a parody of the ABC show Lost.


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