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One of the most well-known running gags on The Simpsons is when Homer Simpson angrily strangles his son Bart Simpson, usually after shouting "Why you little!"; sometimes the gag is made by and/or used on other characters.


When Bart foolishly says and/or does something to anger him, Homer normally shouts "Why you little!" and furiously grabs him by the neck, causing his eyes and tongue to bulge out. Others nearby may or may not interfere and try to break up the strangling.

Based on real life, Matt Groening's father spanked his butt (other than saying "Why you little!" and strangling) many times after he got into trouble when he was young.


Tracey Ullman Show shorts[]

Season 1[]

  • In Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, when Bart interrupts "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" for the third time by saying "Like Attila the Hun", an unseen Homer furiously shouts "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles the unseen Bart at the end of the credits. This scene was originally going to be shown on camera but later scrapped.
  • In There's No Disgrace Like Home, Homer furiously says "You listen to me!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Homer's Night Out, when Homer finds out Bart was the one who took the photo of him with Princess Kashmir, he furiously shouts "Why you little...!" and goes to strangle Bart. However, his wife Marge Simpson furiously shouts "Why you big...!" to Homer, angrily strangles him and tells Bart to go to his room. This is perhaps the first time Homer has been the victim of his own strangling act.

Season 2[]

  • In Simpson and Delilah, after Bart spills his bottle of Dimoxinil, Homer furiously shouts, "Why you little!", angrily chases Bart downstairs, trips over a lamp, and strangles him while shouting "Boy... must... die!"
  • In Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment, Homer furiously strangles Bart when he tries to go inside.
  • In Three Men and a Comic Book, Bart, Milhouse Van Houten and Martin Prince angrily strangle each other. Marge arriving with milk and microwave s'mores ends the fight.
  • In Blood Feud, after Charles Montgomery Burns thanked them in an unsatisfying way, Homer dreams of strangling Burns and shaking him down for riches while strangling his pillow in real life (the dream later becomes Homer eating pancakes). Later, after Homer realizes that Bart mailed Burns the nasty letter they wrote together, Bart tries to reassure Homer, saying "Just because you were mad last night is no guarantee you'd be mad in the morning," to which Homer furiously shouts "I'll show you mad in the morning!" and angrily strangles him. Marge then tells Homer that he encouraged Bart and should be strangling himself. He then does so, but only for a bit while saying "She's right!" and sobbing.

Season 3[]

  • In Stark Raving Dad, when Homer finds out that Bart's lucky red hat turned his white shirts pink, he furiously shouts "You! You did this to me!" and angrily strangles Bart. While getting strangled Bart shouts "I... apologize!"
  • In Like Father, Like Clown, Homer tells Bart he doesn't have to follow in his footsteps, but Bart tells Homer not to worry because he doesn't even like using the bathroom after him, to which Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him. In a flashback, a young Krusty is strangled by his father for mocking him.
  • In Lisa's Pony, during the tape of Lisa as a baby she's shown saying "Dada" and Marge asks Homer if he heard it, the camera pans over to Homer strangling Bart who says "Marge, please. I'm busy!"
  • In Radio Bart, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart after finding out he staged a false alien invasion report through his new microphone as a joke.

Season 4[]

  • In Lisa's First Word, when Homer tries getting Bart to call him "Daddy", he instead calls him "D'omer" and laughs to which Homer furiously shouts "Why, you little!" and angrily strangles him. Homer later gets ready to strangle Bart for flushing his wallet down the toilet. When Homer, Marge and Bart move into their new home Bart says "Hey, Homer, this house sucks!" and Homer furiously says "Bart! I told you not to use that word! Call me Daddy!" Bart then defiantly says "Homer!" and sticks his tongue out to which Homer angrily strangles him.
  • In So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show, when Bart tells a comatose Homer it was his fault for him getting caught in an explosion by shaking up a can of Duff Beer as an April Fools joke, Homer starts to regain consciousness as his electrocardiograph shows faster and bigger digital signals that turn Bart-shaped, his right hand starts to move, his face turns angry while growling and his IV fluid bubbles. As Homer opens his eyes he furiously shouts "Why, you little...!" and angrily strangles Bart. Bart's sister Lisa Simpson, Marge and Maggie come to see Homer alive and hug each other while he is still strangling Bart.
  • In The Front, after Homer told Bart and Lisa that he had failed to graduate from high school, Bart bursts out in laughter, and Homer becomes furious and strangles him.

Season 5[]

  • In Homer the Vigilante, when Homer is in a rage at the cat burglar on Smartline, he furiously shouts "Why you monster! And you took my my daughter's saxophone too!" while angrily strangling a Channel 6 stage manager.
  • In Homer and Apu, Homer gets strangled by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon for blowing his chances of being rehired at the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • In Burns' Heir, Burns angrily strangles Waylon Smithers, Jr. This is one of the rare instances where the gag isn't between Homer and Bart.
  • In Secrets of a Successful Marriage, while Homer's students from his class are at the Simpson house to see what a successful marriage is like, Bart says he and Milhouse took the mail from a mail truck and threw it into the sewer. Homer tells him he knows he meant well but it wasn't the right thing to do. Bart then says "What the hell are you talking about? You're the one who double dared us!" to which Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him.

Season 6[]

  • In Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy, after Grandpa calls Homer a screwup Homer responds by saying "You're the screwup!" to which Grandpa furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Homer until he slaps his arms off.
  • In Bart's Girlfriend, when Homer tells Bart to look him in the eye and tell him he didn't take the church’s collection money Bart truthfully says "I didn't take it." Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little! How can you look me in the eye and lie like that?!" and angrily strangles him.
  • In Lisa on Ice, Bart furiously confronts Lisa in her room and they end up getting into a fight; when Marge comes to break it up Lisa and Bart angrily are punching and strangling each other while rolling around on the floor.
  • In 'Round Springfield, after Bart wakes up in the hospital Homer exclaims "Aw, this is wonderful! You're alive!", but Bart foolishly says "No thanks to you, Homer" to which he furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him. At that moment Julius Hibbert enters and pries them apart while saying Bart had a serious operation.

Season 7[]

  • In Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily, while in Better Parenting Homer has Cletus Spuckler on his lap, who says he cut himself on a screen door to which Homer furiously shouts "Why you COTTON-PICKIN'...!!!" and angrily strangles him.
  • In Mother Simpson, after Bart demands his grandmother Mona Simpson give him 22,000 dollars worth of holiday and birthday money (including for Kwanzaa), Homer furiously shouts "I'll Kwanzaa you!" and angrily strangles him.
  • In Homer the Smithers, during Homer's fight with Smithers they strangle each other.
  • In 22 Short Films About Springfield, the scene where Homer angrily strangles Cletus is shown.

Season 8[]

  • In SimpsoncalifragilisticexpialaD'oh-cious, Homer angrily strangles Bart and furiously breaks the window by slamming him into it.
  • In Homer's Phobia, Bart foolishly smacks Homer's belly causing him to angrily strangle Bart. Bart reminds him they have company and Homer says, "Oh. I'll just be another minute, John. Have a seat." He then continues angrily strangling Bart.

Season 9[]

  • In Miracle on Evergreen Terrace, when Bart tells his family he burned up the Christmas tree and presents, apologizing for it, Lisa furiously shouts "Why you little...!", furiously runs over to Bart and angrily starts strangling him. However, Homer comes over and pulls them apart saying "Lisa, no! Your hands are too weak!" so he angrily starts strangling Bart instead. A fight then ensues as Lisa twists Bart's arm and Maggie pulls his hair as Marge tries to pull the family off of Bart.
  • In All Singing, All Dancing, when Bart tells Homer his singing is "a sin" and that he is "as les misérable as Lee Marvin", Homer angrily strangles him.
  • In Dumbbell Indemnity, after Homer ends up in jail trying to help Moe Szyslak with an insurance scam, Bart offers him a box of cigarettes that he can use to buy stuff with. After Homer thanks him, he tells Bart that he will give him two packs for the candy bar that he is holding, but Bart asks for three. Outraged, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart. While getting strangled, Bart shouts for a guard to help him.
  • In Girly Edition, when Bart and Lisa get letters from people who want to be like him, Bart starts to say "I'm Bart Simpson" in a weird voice and Lisa furiously demands he stop talking like that and angrily strangles him. Marge sees this and tells Lisa she has no reason to be jealous since she's still an important part of his show Kidz Newz.

Season 10[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror IX, after when Homer punches Bart's face hair, Bart then says "That's my face, you idiot!". Homer states "Idiot?! Why you little...!", and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Lard of the Dance, while Groundskeeper Willie angrily chases Homer and Bart after realizing they were stealing his retirement grease, he angrily grabs Homer by the legs, furiously punches him in the face and angrily strangles him with the hose sucking up the grease.

Season 11[]

  • In Brother's Little Helper, Krusty angrily strangles his executive producer for tightening his bowtie too much. Later, Homer angrily strangles a molecule model representing Focusyn.
  • In Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?, at The Frying Dutchman, after Homer tells Marge that his job as a food critic is the greatest and that they are paying him to eat, Bart foolishly says "Yeah, if you could just get somebody to pay you for scratching your butt, we'll be on easy street." Homer then furiously says "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Bart to the Future, President Lisa angrily says "Why you little!" and furiously strangles Mooch Bart for disrupting her broadcast. Bart calls out for the Secret Service, but instead of stopping her the security guards that tried to throw him out join her.
  • In Last Tap Dance in Springfield, while at Eye Caramba Homer gets asked by the eye doctor to read the first line on an eye chart from a phoropter, but Bart foolishly tricks Homer into saying “I ate pee-pee”. Bart laughs to which Homer furiously says "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles him while still looking through the phoropter. The doctor then proceeds to do a lens test while asking if it is better or worse. Homer, while looking at Bart getting strangled says it's worse and then better, continuing to strangle him.
  • In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge, when Marge sees their house guest Becky "torturing" her family she furiously leaps forward and angrily strangles her, angrily shouting "Why you little!" Bart then says while it's good that Marge is back, she walked right into "his shot" (Bart was hiding behind a curtain with a camera).
  • In Behind the Laughter, when Bart tells Homer he never said "Cowabunga" in his life and the script he wrote sucks, Homer furiously says "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles Bart, making the crew laugh (even the director says the strangling is funny) and Homer's strangling became a landmark signature routine. Ironically, Homer admitted his strangling to be a "horrible act of child abuse". At the end Bart sarcastically says the comic strip written by Homer is great, to which he again furiously says "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles him.

Season 12[]

  • In A Tale of Two Springfields, Bart tells Homer to call a radio station's number with the new area code and let them have it. However, when he tries calling the station he gets the tri-tone to which Bart laughs. Outraged for getting the tri-tone again, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart with the phone cord. Bart fights back by hitting Homer's head repeatedly with the receiver until they end up passing out.
  • In Lisa the Tree Hugger, while staying in Springfield's oldest redwood tree Lisa sees with her binoculars what looks like Homer and Bart hugging each other and admires the moment, but it turns out to be Homer angrily strangling Bart while shouting "You call that saying grace?!" at dinnertime as Maggie watches.
  • In Hungry, Hungry Homer, Homer angrily has his hands around Bart's neck at the start of the episode.
  • In Children of a Lesser Clod, when Homer sees that Bart and Lisa have presented a video tape exposing the parenting of his own children, one of the clips shows Homer angrily chasing Bart outside with a medieval flail and furiously shouting "I'll mace you good!" Right after the clip is shown, Homer angrily says it was taken out of context, climbs onto the stage, shouts "Why you little!", and angrily strangles Bart.

Season 13[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XII, Homer is cursed by a gypsy to bring bad luck to everyone he loves. When Marge wakes up the next morning with a beard, Bart says she should be in a freak show, and Homer, defending Marge, furiously shouts "Don't talk to the bearded lady like that, you little!" and strangles Bart causing his neck to grow longer and his head to fall backwards; Marge points out that it never happened before.
  • In The Parent Rap, after Judge Constance Harm has Bart and Homer spend time tethered to each other Bart almost has to sit through his parents having sex. Marge realizes they shouldn't be having sex with Bart around, but Homer argues that kids are visual these days. Marge says no to this but Bart interrupts and says "The lady said no", so Homer angrily tells him to shut up. Bart tells Homer to shut up which results in a fight as Bart uses the tether to make Homer slap himself in the face while Homer tries shouting "Why you little!" He then unintentionally uses the tether to make Bart slap himself in the face. The two then use the tether to make each other slap themselves in the face until Homer finally shouts "Why you little!", furiously wraps the tether around Bart's neck and angrily strangles him with it. Bart then uses the free section of the tether to whip Homer's butt.
  • In Brawl in the Family, after Lisa furiously calls out Bart for cheating at Monopoly, Marge claims it an accident. Lisa then angrily accuses Marge of taking his side just because he bought her a house on St. James Place. Bart then asks, "Who else is going to take care of her? Dad?" Homer, offended, furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart. Marge then tries to pry them apart by strangling Homer while saying "Stop fighting!" Lisa tells Marge that the way she's prying them apart is not how she does it, so she then proceeds to pry them apart as well by pulling Bart’s arm. Marge, while trying to pry them apart, tells Lisa that she's been prying them apart since before Lisa was born. Maggie then speed-dials the police about this (the speed-dial button for this, instead of the normal police badge, is a silhouette of Homer strangling Bart). When the police arrive Homer is still strangling Bart and Maggie is now trying to pry them apart along with Marge and Lisa.
  • In Half-Decent Proposal, while Bart is filming Homer's speech to Marge (who danced with Artie Ziff thus making him leave her), Homer says "Don't worry about the kids. I'll drop them off with Patty and Selma", but Bart says off-camera "Patty and Selma? Screw that!", so Homer angrily replies "Just run the camera, you little...!" and lunges at Bart. However, he hits the lens and knocks it over. The camera then refocuses as Homer strangles Bart. Homer then starts crying as he says "Goodbye, my darling" and continues strangling Bart.
  • In Blame It on Lisa, after Marge tells him that their phone bill charged 400 dollars for a call to Brazil, Homer asks Bart if he made a prank call to someone there and Bart says he didn't. Homer, not believing Bart (likely because of when he prank called Australia), furiously shouts "Choke on your lies!" and angrily strangles him.
  • In Gump Roast, past clips of when Homer strangled Bart are shown.
  • In I Am Furious (Yellow), this happens twice: When Homer finds out at work that Bart made the Angry Dad cartoon that turned him into a laughingstock, he furiously shouts "Why that little...!" and immediately proceeds to drive home in anger. After getting home and hearing the latest Angry Dad episode that Bart and Milhouse were watching, he furiously runs in shouting "Die, monster!" at Bart and strangles him. Marge asks him what is he doing; Homer replies that he was just rehearsing for "Angry Dad: The Motion Picture", and Bart asks Homer if he would like to be played by John Goodman. Homer angrily strangles Bart again while shouting "It's... so obvious! It should be... Gary Oldman!"
  • In this deleted scene from The Frying Game, Bart commands Homer to speak up louder and make something more interesting. And all of a sudden, Homer tempestuously says "Why you little!" and starts to strangle Bart. Chief Clancy Wiggum gave him 50 more hours of community service. While Homer is strangling Bart, he exclaims "It's totally worth it!" in any event.

Season 14[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XIII, Homer and one of his clones simultaneously say "Why you little!" and angrily strangle each other. Homer says they're evenly matched to which his clone agrees and they continue strangling each other.
  • In Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade, when Bart foolishly shows Lisa a picture of Lisa thinking "I am a loser!" Lisa angrily tackles Bart down a hill and they land in a nearby river where they angrily strangle each other underwater. They then surface and continue to strangle each other. The sound of the bus' horn is what stops their fight.
  • In Helter Shelter, when the family first appears on "The Reality Channel", the executives are watching them in the testing area and Homer is shown angrily strangling Bart while furiously shouting "I'll teach you to whistle on the Sabbath!"
  • In Barting Over, after Bart learns that Homer threw away his Baby Stink Breath commercial money, Bart angrily tackles Homer and furiously shouts "You stole my money!" When Homer comments on the size difference between the two Bart furiously removes Homer's belt, angrily wraps it around his neck and angrily strangles him with it. This is possibly the first time Bart has strangled Homer. Later, Homer angrily strangles Bart while furiously shouting "I pay for your splendor!" after seeing Bart’s new home.
  • In C.E. D'oh, while playing baseball Bart furiously tackles Homer and they get into a fight before Bart asks if Marge would love it, to which Homer angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Three Gays of the Condo, when Bart says he loves watching Homer and Marge fight and that it's his earliest memory, Homer furiously says "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles him. Bart notices his hands are soft and Homer replies that he's been using Lancome.
  • In Old Yeller-Belly, when Santa's Little Helper eats his burger Homer furiously says "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles him. Marge makes him stop by reminding him to use the "choke chain"; Homer complies, then tells Marge to prepare the "emergency ham" as part of Santa's Little Helper's punishment.
  • In Brake My Wife, Please, when Homer says Marge has done so much without getting anything in return, Bart foolishly comments "Except a place to live and free food." Homer then furiously says "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart with one hand (the other he uses to raise his "wine box" in a toast to Marge.

Season 15[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XIV, Bart dressed as Charlie Brown strangles Lisa for getting better candy.
  • In My Mother the Carjacker, Homer looks at a photo of him angrily strangling Bart while being strangled by Mona.
  • In The Fat and the Furriest, when Bart foolishly insults Homer on his bravery, Homer furiously shouts "Choke on your candor!" to Bart and angrily strangles him. While this happens, Lisa says "You can strangle Bart, but you can't strangle your humiliation." Homer states "It's a deal" and keeps strangling Bart.
  • In Today, I Am a Clown, when the Simpsons learn Santa’s Little Helper had puppies again, Lisa mentions they had him neutered afterwards. Homer recalls he was supposed to have the dog neutered but decided he wouldn't go through with it, provided he never did it again and when the flashback ends Homer is angrily strangling Santa's Little Helper, furiously shouting "You broke our deal! We had an oral contract!" with the rest of the family trying to pull them apart. Later, when Bart says that Homer lost his stranglehold on the audience by taking Lisa’s advice Homer furiously shouts "I'll audience you!" and angrily strangles him. As Hibbert and his family watches this happen on TV, Hibbert replies by saying "So that's why Bart has all those broken tracheal bones. Tight bowtie, my ass!" This is likely the first time Homer has strangled Bart and another character within the same episode.
  • In 'Tis the Fifteenth Season, Kent Brockman shows a retouched photo of Homer looking mad and holding flowers in front of Marge and Lisa. Evidence would suggest he was originally strangling Bart in the photo.
  • In Margical History Tour, Homer (as King Henry VIII) imagines Bart as his unborn son and goes "Oh, my beautiful boy. Why can't I have you?". Bart says "I don't know. Too much Jerk in your Merking." To which Homer furiously says "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart. While Strangling Bart, Homer says "Get out of my dreams and into my wife!".
  • In Smart and Smarter, Bart foolishly pulls a bathroom prank on Homer to which he furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him, resulting in the two getting into a brawl.
  • In The Ziff Who Came to Dinner, after Homer is put in jail due to taking ZiffCorp's shares from Artie in a poker game his family goes to visit him. Seeing how miserable Homer is, Bart furiously says "Why you little!" and angrily strangles himself to try and cheer him up.
  • In Catch 'Em if You Can, when Bart foolishly says "You're never alone in this crap shack", Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him through the wall.
  • In The Way We Weren't, when Milhouse drains a bottle of Homer's beer so he, Bart, Ralph Wiggum, Sherri Mackleberry, Terri Mackleberry and their cousin can play "Spin the bottle", the beer lands in Homer's mouth. Homer goes to investigate and accidentally kisses Milhouse. Afterwards, he notices his empty beer bottle, grabs it and sobs while saying it never had a chance to become urine. He then sees Bart and furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him, continuing as he and Bart go down the treehouse's ladder.
  • In Fraudcast News, Bart questions Geezer Rock looking like a dude and says that Homer looks like a monkey. Homer walks by humped over, scratching his butt and eating a banana and then angrily strangles Bart while furiously shouting "Bart, you promised you'd stop making that comparison! Per...our...agreement!"

Season 16[]

  • In Sleeping with the Enemy, when Homer angrily accuses Bart of cheating on his test, he furiously shouts "Well, take note of THIS!", lunges at Bart and angrily strangles him. While getting strangled, Bart laughs for a couple seconds, gets strangled again and laughs for a few seconds again.
  • In There's Something About Marrying, The Simpsons get ready for Patty and her soon-to-be "wife" Leslie Robin Swisher (calling himself Veronica) to come over for dinner Bart foolishly tells Homer to go on a diet to which he furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him until the doorbell rings. Homer tells Lisa to take his place and she puts her hands on Bart's neck but gently rocks him.
  • In A Star Is Torn, Jeremy Freedman tells Homer he brought the Twizzlers he asked for and Homer angrily tells him Lisa loves Red Vines and he violently strangles Jeremy with the Twizzlers. This is also one of the few times Homer angrily strangles someone else and not Bart.
  • In She Used to Be My Girl, this gag happened three times: First, Homer is angrily strangling Bart for a unknown reason when Marge stops him, saying they got to get Lisa, who has run off with Chloe Talbot. Homer angrily tells Bart "While, we're gone, boy you think about what you did!" and Bart then asks "What did I do?" Homer then shrugs and furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him again. After Lisa has been brought home, Bart tells Marge he wants to be like her: the lava part and not saving Lisa, Homer furiously shouts "Pretend to care!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Goo Goo Gai Pan, Homer tries to put a baby panda in his bag. The panda bites his finger and Homer furiously shouts "Ow! Why you little! I'll endanger you!" and angrily strangles it only to be strangled by the baby's mother.
  • In Mobile Homer, when Bart and Lisa are driving Homer's R.V., Marge says "Now pull over!" and Bart foolishly says "First, raise my allowance." Homer furiously shouts "Why you little..!" and angrily strangles him from the R.V. while Marge is driving the family car. Lisa (who's driving the R.V. during this sequence) then says they're going downhill and she can't reach the brakes.
  • In Future-Drama, this gag happened in a unique way: Bart gets strangled by someone other than Homer and Homer angrily strangles someone other than Bart. In the future, a teenage Lisa furiously strangles a teenage Bart after finding out he took her Yale scholarship, angrily shouting "You've wrecked my life!" While watching this in the present, the 8 year old Lisa also angrily strangles 10-year old Bart angrily shouting "You're gonna wreck my life!". Later, after the future Homer learns that the future Krusty the Clown is the future Marge's new boyfriend, the future Homer strangles the future Krusty while the future Krusty strangles him back.
  • In Home Away from Homer, after Homer walks into Bart's room and furiously catches him and Milhouse Van Houten watching Ned Flanders's female tenants Vicky and Katja transmitting naughty live videos from inside the Flanders' house, he thought it was softer-than-soft pornography at first and shouts "Scantily clad coeds?!" He then furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to have a libido!" while angrily strangling Bart.

Season 17[]

  • In The Girl Who Slept Too Little, a home movie shows Homer angrily strangling young Bart furiously saying "Why you very little!". Marge is in the process of changing Lisa's diaper when this happens.
  • In Milhouse of Sand and Fog, when Bart tells Homer "I planted Mom's bra on Milhouse's parents' bed!", Homer furiously shouts "Why you little-!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Treehouse of Horror XVI, when the family gets a robot replacement of Bart named David Homer asks the delivery guy if he can strangle his new son. The delivery guy allows it and Homer furiously shouts "Why you metal!" and angrily strangles David, and then finds that his neck is made of rubber so he can move it while strangling him.
  • In See Homer Run, while Homer is at a press conference running for mayor, Kent Brockman asks Homer "Mr. Simpson, what about those photos of you strangling you child?" and holds a photo of Homer angrily strangling Bart. In the photo, there is a banner above them that reads "Good Luck At The Press Conference, Dad.".
  • In The Italian Bob, Bart asks Marge "Why don't you encourage him [Homer] to get us some health insurance?" to which Homer furiously shouts "Why you little-!" and angrily strangles Bart. Bart then pulls a lever, and a robotic arm holding a car part begins to hit Homer on his head. After a few seconds, they pass out.
  • In The Wettest Stories Ever Told, during the "Mayflower Madman" story, Homer starts crying because Marge is going to marry Moe, so Bart tells Homer "Well, I'm sure the way to win her heart is to be fat and crying". Homer, offended, furiously shouts "Why thee little!" and angrily starts strangling Bart with everyone watching them. Marge says "Oh, don't stop. You're choking him the way his father used to."
  • In Regarding Margie, when an amnesiac Marge wonders what home that her and her family lives at, Bart says "Oh, it's great. Like somebody barfed on a two-story pile of puke." Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him. Marge is shocked that Homer did that and she asks "You strangle your child?". Homer looks at her and says "Uh, yeah, but he's cool with it." He then looks back at Bart and asks "Right?". Bart says "It hurts when I swallow.", so Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him again.

Season 18[]

  • In The Wife Aquatic, when Homer and Bart are lost at sea, Homer asks "Do you think your mother will ever remarry?" Bart foolishly comments "In about two seconds." Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles Bart while they are in the sea water.
  • In Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!, when Bart foolishly tricks Lisa into touching his new pet python Strangles who is slimy, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to trick your sister!" and angrily strangles Bart. Strangles sees this and proceeds to wrap itself around Homer's neck. He then starts choking Homer (living up to his name) until he turns red and falls on the floor, telling Marge that he is okay afterwards.
  • In You Kent Always Say What You Want, in the "Family Portrait" short, when Bart keeps making faces, Homer furiously snaps, angrily shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart just as the camera timer stops and the picture is taken.

Season 19[]

  • In The Homer of Seville, when Homer asks the opera director what the movie is about, the director furiously says "For the last time, it's not a movie!" Homer then replies with "Sorry, film." The director briefly strangles him while angrily shouting "It's an opera! And you are in it!"
  • In I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, when Homer sees Marge and Bart dressing up he argues with his brain about what the occasion is and angrily strangles his own brain.
  • In Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind, after Homer sees his 20 year old self get beaten up by Bart, he looks at Bart, furiously shouts "I'll teach you to beat up yester-me!" and angrily strangles him. A few of Homer's memories don't survive the subsequent scuffle; among them is his first kiss, which Bart then tricks Homer into thinking it was with Apu.
  • In Any Given Sundance, one of the scenes in Lisa's film has Bart foolishly breaking plates on the floor. Homer angrily walks in, angrily saying, "You stupid kid! What if I walked in here barefoot?". Bart then says "You did, Dad." Homer looks down, sees he is standing on the broken plates with bare feet, screams in pain and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Smoke on the Daughter, Homer sees raccoons resembling himself, Bart, Marge and Lisa. The Homer raccoon angrily strangles the Bart raccoon (which Homer calls the raccoon family sharing his views on parenting).

Season 20[]

  • In Double, Double, Boy in Trouble, Bart, who is disguised as Simon Woosterfield (his look-a-like double), sits in a limousine and watches Homer strangling angrily Simon (who is disguised as Bart) while furiously shouting "You ruin everything!" after Bart created a disaster at Lenny's party.
  • In No Loan Again, Naturally, when Bart comes out of the closet dressed like a ghost, he says "Ooooh, I died when Homer sat on me!" Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart. While strangling Bart, Homer says "I'm the victim here!"
  • In Wedding for Disaster, when Lisa says that Homer and Marge's re-marriage will be romantic and that they can pretend they're newlyweds, Bart says "Yeah, instead of exhausted zombies running down the clock." Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little bastard!" and angrily strangles Bart, with Lisa saying "That's the angry one."
  • In Father Knows Worst, when Bart tricks Homer into drinking lighter fluid, instead of water, Homer realizes what Bart did, so he starts breathing fire as he furiously shouts, "WHY...YOU...LITTLE!". As he angrily strangles Bart, he angrily shouts, "BURN, BARTY, BURN!", breathing fire at Bart's head.

Season 21[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XX, after Bart eats one of the Krusty burgers that turned the entire town into Munchers but wasn't infected himself, the family is horrified and Homer angrily strangles Bart. While still strangling Bart, Homer uses Bart's head to dial the phone and calls Dr. Hibbert.
  • In Stealing First Base, when Homer sees Seymour Skinner on stage dressed like Bart, he says "We finally caught one of Bart's school plays." Marge tells Homer "That's not Bart. It's Principal Skinner. Bart's sitting right next to you." Homer looks and sees Bart beside him then looks back at Skinner, saying "Yeah, now that I look closer, that guy couldn't fool anybody." Skinner then says to Homer "Shut up, fatso." Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little!", rushes onto the stage and angrily strangles Skinner before being dragged away by two kids serving as security bodyguards.
  • In The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed, when Bart shows Homer a prayer on a paper that Homer wrote saying "Dear Lord, don't let Marge find out the hotel leaves chocolates on the pillows at night.", Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart. Bart writes something on the blank side of the paper, Homer releases him and reads what Bart wrote which is "Give my dad another heart attack." Offended, he angrily strangles Bart again.
  • In Judge Me Tender, during the couch gag there is a puppet show of Homer and Bart angrily attacking each other until puppet Homer angrily strangles puppet Bart. The camera then pans down to underneath the stage where the real Homer is angrily strangling the real Bart.

Season 22[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XXI, in the opening, when Bart carves holes in Homer's pants with a pumpkin-like smile on them, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles Bart. Bart retaliates by slamming a carved pumpkin on his head, which catches fire.
  • In How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?, Bart angrily strangles an ostrich. Later, the ostrich smashes its foot through the roof of the car and angrily strangles Homer while he is driving.
  • In Donnie Fatso, during the couch gag, the advent calendar picture for December 13th shows Homer strangling Bart while both are wearing Santa hats. In the episode itself, Homer says that he'll be out of the federal penitentiary in 18 months for good behavior, Bart says "We're Simpsons, Dad. We don't do good behavior." Homer furiously shouts "Don't tell me I'm not capable of good behavior!" and starts to angrily strangle Bart, but he asks the judge he would request for a sidebar and starts angrily chasing Bart with a sidebar.
  • In Homer the Father, when Bart tells Homer "You're the worst dad whoever lived! I'd rather take my chances in a hot car than go in a store with you!", Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him.
  • In Angry Dad: The Movie, when Homer says Bart is his little Roman Polanski and Marge whispers something to Homer in his ear about Roman Polanski, Homer says "He what?" then he angrily strangles Bart while furiously shouting "You monster!"
  • In Love is a Many Strangled Thing, since this episode is about Homer's strangling, Homer has a flashback where his dad says "Look at these grades! They're a disgrace! No TV for a week!" The young Homer responds by furiously shouting "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him. Next, Dr. Zander brings in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who shouts "Why you little!" and strangles Homer while wearing a Homer toupee and Homer wears a Bart toupee. Then, a montage of Kareem strangling Homer is shown; Shaquille O'Neal takes Kareem's turn for strangling Homer. Finally, Zander furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart when he doesn't cut Homer down. This is the second time where Homer strangles somebody but not Bart and Bart is strangled by somebody but not Homer.

Season 23[]

  • In Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts, during the couch gag, Homer angrily strangles Bart and furiously says "You little!" after Bart foolishly pranks Homer with a whoopee cushion and laughs at him, but Homer's head explodes and his brain pops out into the beer bottle, while Bart fainted due to Homer angrily strangling him.
  • In Treehouse of Horror XXII, when Homer tries to prove that God doesn't exist to Ned by burning his copy of the Bible, God tears through the roof furiously yelling "Why you little!" and angrily strangles him to death. God then blames the death on Flanders when Marge walks in.
  • In Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson, when Homer finds out that the whole family tricked him with a leaflet with a James Madison lookalike to teach him a lesson, Bart says he did it to mess with his mind. Homer angrily strangles him while furiously shouting "That's what a play within a play is for!"
  • In At Long Last Leave, Homer angrily strangles Bart at the end of the couch gag, furiously shouting "Why you little!"
  • In Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart, after Bart's birthday gift for Marge ruins Homer's birthday gift for her, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" at Bart and gets ready to angrily strangle Bart but decides not to. Later, after Homer learns that Bart has been making graffiti of him around town, Homer angrily strangles Bart when Bart was asleep and yells "Why, you, little.. Pay for your genius!". Bart screams again.
  • In How I Wet Your Mother, when Bart foolishly insults Homer's socks, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to make fun of my socks!" and angrily strangles Bart. Later, when Bart tells Homer "Man, Homer! You've always been a loser" in the dream theater, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily uses Bart's seat to angrily strangle him while furiously shouting "There's nothing in this dream world that can't strangle you!"
  • In A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again, Homer furiously shouts "Choke on my numb blue hands!" and angrily tries to strangle Bart with his frostbitten hands to no avail.
  • In Ned 'N Edna's Blend, when Bart says to Homer "Yo, Homer! Mom says get your fat ass over to Flanders!", Homer angrily replies "Bart! Don't call me that!". Bart then smugly asks, "Which one, Homer or fat ass?". Homer then angrily strangles him off-screen, furiously shouting "Why you little! They're both bad and I suspect you know it!" Bart, while getting strangled tells Homer, "Get your hands off of me, you fat ass!"

Season 24[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XXIII, during the segment "The Greatest Story Ever Holed" Homer tries to touch a black hole in the basement causing his fingers to become longer. Bart laughs at this and Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart with his long fingers. Later in the segment "Bart & Homer's Excellent Adventure", Bart time-travels back to 1974 and meets his teenage father in detention. When Bart introduces himself as his unwanted son from the future, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little...!" and angrily strangles Bart just as the teenage Marge enters the room. This is the first time Homer violently strangles Bart in two different segments of the same Treehouse of Horror episode.
  • In Changing of the Guardian, when Homer says that him and Marge are going to concentrate on living, Bart says "If you call this living", to which Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!", brutally lunges at Bart and angrily strangles him while shouting "I do call this living! Living the way kids in India can only dream of!".
  • In Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing, when Homer says "I'm so much older and wiser", Bart foolishly insults him cruelly by saying "More like balder and wider", to which Homer angrily shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to say something that sounds similar!" and strangles Bart violently as a terrified Milhouse watches them through his glasses.
  • In Hardly Kirk-ing, after Bart meanly insults Lisa, Milhouse, who is disguised as his father Kirk Van Houten orders Bart to apologize. Bart says "Make me, Baldy" and foolishly pushes Milhouse, to which he furiously says "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart, which later turns into a fight between Bart and Milhouse. Later, when Homer says "Son, promise you will never look like me," Bart replies "I sure hope not". Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart while shouting "That's not a heartwarming thing to end on!"

Season 25[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XXIV, Bart wakes up to find his head sewed onto Lisa's body. Not wanting to be stuck sharing a body with Lisa forever, he says to Homer "Strangle me out of this, fatso". Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to joke about medical history!" and angrily strangles Bart, accidentally ripping his detached head out. Homer then uses his chewed gum to stick the head back on and straightens it, much to Bart's dismay.
  • In Labor Pains, Homer furiously says "Why, you, little..." and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In What to Expect When Bart's Expecting, Homer furiously strangles Bart in the episode's couch gag. Later, after Homer learns Bart's baby scheme, he furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to answer peoples' prayers!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In The Kid is All Right, While doing the Super Bowl Shuffle, after Homer's verse, Bart adds "If you try to run, you'll get a heart attack", making Homer angrily strangle him [Bart] and furiously saying "Why you little!" until Bart ends up passing out due to getting strangled so hard.

Season 26[]

  • In Clown in the Dumps, when Krusty asks Bart if talking to his dad makes him feel better, Bart says "Well, no, but he's not a rabbi. More of a flabbi." to which Homer furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll show you who's a flabbi!", but instead of strangling Bart he angrily rolls his face on his stomach.
  • In Treehouse of Horror XXV, the Simpsons meet ghosts that look like their original design from The Tracey Ullman Show. 1987 Homer insists that nobody makes cracks at him, and 1987 Bart remarks "Speaking of cracks, pull up your pants man". 1987 Homer angrily shouts "I'll crack you!", but being a ghost his hands phase through 1987 Bart trying to strangle him. He then laments "What kind of afterlife is this? Can't even strangle my own dead kid!". Later, the family photo shows 1987 Homer angrily strangling 1987 Bart.
  • In The Kids Are All Fight, Homer angrily strangles a 4 year old Bart in slow motion, after furiously shouting "Why you little!" when he sees 4 year old Bart hitting 2 year old Lisa with the Phonic Frog. After a few seconds of Homer angrily strangling Bart in slow motion, the strangle is back at regular speed, and Bart pries Homer off.
  • In Bart's New Friend, Homer is hypnotized into thinking he is 10 years old. During his time in this hypnotic state, Homer and Bart bond and become close. When Homer is finally changed back to his normal self, he comments to Bart that he "once used to have this friend" and that he told him "all of his dreams," likely referring to Bart. When Homer wonders what ever happened to him, Bart says "well, maybe you sat on him and he was never seen again," causing Homer to furiously shout "Why you little!" and angrily move his hands towards Bart's neck. He is unable to strangle Bart, however, and instead he decides to "try something new" and embraces Bart in a hug. When Homer asks for Bart to share his lasagna, Bart replies "get lost," prompting Homer to again furiously shout "Why you little!" and instead of strangling Bart, he angrily tightens his hold on Bart and squeezes him.

Season 27[]

  • In Gal of Constant Sorrow, Marge tells Homer he's not handy enough to be a handyman. Bart agrees with Marge saying "Face it, Homeboy! You aint's handy, unless we need a proper paperweight". Homer furiously shout "I'll paperweigh you!" and, instead of strangling Bart, angrily sits on him while bouncing.
  • In How Lisa Got Her Marge Back, Bart cuts Maggie's hair to look like his for a prank on Homer. When the prank goes off, Homer sees Maggie, who looks like Bart, and furiously shouts "Why you little!". When Homer prepares to strangle Maggie, Bart appears and exclaims "Dad! No! You're going to strangle the baby!" Homer, horrified, then angrily strangles Bart while furiously shouting "Why you little! Turning a sweet little baby into a you!"

Season 28[]

  • In 22 For 30, Bart foolishly insults Homer during the basketball championship Final Four. Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and strangles Bart, causing Bart accidentally to shoot the basket and win the game for his team. Homer, unaware of what just happened, angrily keeps on strangling Bart.
  • In A Father's Watch, young Abraham is seen strangling a mannequin, to which his father Orville angrily strangles him to show how to do it correctly, to which Abe's grandfather "Old Tut" angrily strangles Orville. At the end of the episode, Abe angrily strangles Bart after Bart accidentally breaks the watch.

Season 29[]

  • In Treehouse of Horror XXVIII, when Homer enters the Other Simpson family's world, the Other Marge Simpson asks Homer if he would like two eyes, so they can talk to each other while he watches TV. But before Homer could answer, the Other Bart Simpson says, "Just what Homer needs; an excuse to get lazier.", to which Homer furiously shouts, "Why you little!", and angrily strangles the Other Bart while shouting, "I'll lazy you! You otherworldly-!", but he accidentally decapitates the Other Bart.
  • In Mr. Lisa's Opus, Retired Homer angrily strangles a teenage Bart. Then soon after it's the other way around as the teenage Bart strangles Homer.
  • In 3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage, when Bart calls Homer "Booze and Snooze", Homer furiously says "Why You Little!" and angrily strangles Bart while asking Marge to pick up the narrative of the story about their transition to parenthood.
  • In Flanders' Ladder, after Bart destroys the entrance to Heaven sending Homer's ghost back to his body and resurrecting him, instead of being grateful for Bart saving his life, Homer is angry at Bart for ruining his chance of an afterlife and angrily strangles him saying "Why you little!".

Season 30[]

  • In Bart's Not Dead, while Bart and Homer are watching a rehearsal of the actors playing them in Bart's movie, Bart says to Homer "I wish we had a relationship like that." Homer then furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • In Mad About The Toy, when Bart makes fun of Abe being kissed by a gay photographer saying "Grampa's gay!", Homer furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bart. When Abe stops Homer and tells him that he's only strangling Bart because of his own feelings, Homer then furiously shouts "Why you thoughtful!" and angrily strangles Abe too.
  • In The Girl on The Bus, Lisa has a thought-bubble about Homer angrily strangling Bart.
  • In The Clown Stays In The Picture, Homer angrily strangles a vision of Bart as a cactus. He tweaks his "Why you little!" line into "Why you prickly!" after Bart as a cactus provoked him with a similarly-tweaked "Eat my thorns!"; Homer inadvertently decapitates the cactus.

Season 31[]

  • In The Winter of Our Monetized Content, after Bart pranks Homer during his talk show about sports, Homer furiously shouts "Why you hilarious!", angrily wraps a hose around Bart's neck and angrily strangles him with it. Bart immediately cuts himself free with a pair of garden scissors.

Season 32[]

  • In I, Carumbus, after Bartigula (a Greek version of Bart) fatally stabs Obesius (a Greek version of Homer) with a knife in a gladiator match, Obesius furiously shouts "Why you little!" and angrily strangles Bartigula to death before dying himself.
  • In The Road to Cincinnati, Skinner and Chalmers pick up three college students who act out quotes from William Shakespeare. Chalmers gets very annoyed, and they almost got hit by a truck, as Agnes' car crashed into a silo of soybeans, making the car explode. The male college student mourned the car, which then leads to Chalmers angrily strangling him. This is one of the only instances where a Simpson isn’t strangling another.

Season 34[]

  • In One Angry Lisa, after Homer furiously interrupts Jesse's "private ride" with Marge out of jealousy, Jesse starts strangling him on camera in front of Marge and all the other riders. He keeps strangling Homer until Marge shows up to save him, making this another rare instance where Homer himself is on the receiving end of the strangulation.
  • In the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII segment "SimpsonWorld", when the Monorail Homer is stuck in "catchphrase mode", one of the things he says is, "Why you little!", but strangles the air.

Season 35[]

  • In McMansion & Wife, Homer casually mentions that he no longer strangles Bart due to changing times.
  • In Treehouse of Horror XXXIV, when a virus spreads turning everyone in Springfield into Homer clones, Kirk-as-Homer is seen strangling Milhouse-as-Homer.
  • In It's a Blunderful Life, when Homer produces a contract with Bart's footprint that lets Homer have all the drumsticks, Bart shouts, "Why you giant!" and angrily strangles Homer, making this the second time since Barting Over that Bart strangles Homer instead of the other way around.
  • FAKEOUT: In Do the Wrong Thing, Homer furiously rushes up to Bart as if he is about to strangle him, but instead gives him a hug, surprising Bart.


  • In Simpsorama, Homer picks up a few Bart-creatures and rips them apart while quietly saying "Why you little!". Eventually, he picks up the real Bart mistaking him for one of the creatures (Homer had ripped four of the creatures apart and the real Bart was the fifth one he picked up). Bart pleads with Homer that it's really him, but Homer doesn't believe him and even asks him when his birthday is to prove it. Bart responds with "February 23rd", to which Homer still not believing him shouts "Ha! February has no 23rd!" and strangles him anyway. Marge then pries them apart and corrects Homer that there is a February 23rd.
  • In The Simpsons Guy, during their fight Homer strangles Peter Griffin until he breaks loose and says "What the hell? That really hurts!" Homer responds with "No, it doesn't! I do it to my son all the time!" Peter replies with "You strangle your son?! That's insane! No wonder he's fat and stupid and masturbates all the time" leading to Homer shouting "That's YOUR son!", showing that Peter is ironically and hypocritically appalled at Homer strangling Bart despite the fact he has regularly farted in his oldest child's face and told her to shut up among other things. While falling down Springfield Gorge Peter is seen briefly strangling Homer. The fight is styled similar to Peter's usual fights with Ernie the Giant Chicken.

The Simpsons Movie[]

  • When Homer is hammering in a nail while repairing the roof of their house, he accidentally hits his eye with the hammer which makes Bart laugh. Homer then quickly pulls the hammer from his eye, furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny!" and angrily strangles Bart.
  • While at the Springfield River with Ned Flanders, Bart pantomimes being strangled after losing one of his fishing poles only to realize he is not actually getting strangled for his actions.
  • When Bart reveals that he defaced a picture of Homer to look like Flanders out of spite, Homer furiously shouts "Why you little! I'll strangle-angle you!", tackles Bart and angrily strangles him while he waves the picture in his face.


  • It was revealed in "Lisa's First Word" that Homer started angrily strangling Bart for his misdeeds since he was a baby and learned how to talk. It was also revealed in "Love is a Many Strangled Thing" that Homer strangled his father Abe II for viewing him as a disappointment and Bart's throat has adapted to being strangled; though according to "Today, I Am a Clown" and "Regarding Margie", Bart still suffers from tracheal trauma due to the frequent strangling he receives from Homer and others.
  • The cover for one of the Bongo Comics had Lisa strangling Bart as revenge for Bart defacing at least three Malibu Stacy dolls by using a permanent marker on their faces to draw moustaches and other unflattering features.
  • The future shown in "Holidays of Future Passed" references this as by 2041 strangling one's child has been made illegal. Fittingly, the law in question responsible for this is named "Homer's Law".
  • Due to Homer's line in "McMansion & Wife" saying that he doesn't strangle Bart anymore, which is after a 4-year hiatus of the gag, this led to many on the Internet believing and reporting that The Simpsons have retired the long-running gag. However, this led to a response from The Simpsons producers via an original drawing calling out the reports as "clickbait". Simpsons co-creator James L. Brooks later denied that the report was true in an interview with People Magazine and confirmed that Homer would continue to strangle Bart.