Stuff-N-Hug is a store in the Springfield Mall. The store sells stuffed animals that buyers themselves determine the look of, and then create..


It was Maggie who decided that the family would visit the shop after they had come out of the store Itchy & Scratchy's. When they walked in, Eric was going to show them a video, but there was an error and the video wouldn't play. Ralph was also there to buy a teddy bear but the bear exploded when he filled it with too much cotton.

Lisa originally wanted to have a poodle, but Marge did not like it, because "the dog might get ideas," so she bought a dolphin, Betsy. The vendor refused to sell her "male" clothing for a female dolphin but Lisa cheated her by making her believe it was a boy dolphin. Bart then pranked Homer by recording taunting messages on several stuffed hippos that were there, causing Homer to get angry and rip all the hippos to shreds.


  • The store has at least two male employees with the first name "Eric," but one is white while the other is black.

Behind the Laughter

The store is a parody of the Build-A-Bear Workshop chain, a similar kind of store where customers choose and stuff their own animals, and then pick out clothing and accessories for them.


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