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Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!
―Stupid Sexy Flanders catchphrase

Stupid Sexy Flanders is an alias for Ned Flanders. It is an alias for Ned on the episode Little Big Mom, as debuted on January 9, 2000, which depicted him wearing a skin tight ski suit displaying his robust physique.


Homer was skiing and another skier approached him wearing a very tight ski suit. At first Homer was frightened and intimidated by the skier, but it turned out to be Ned Flanders. Ned then proceeds to show off his ski suit saying “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!” Appalled and overwhelmed in return by the almost hypnotic aesthetic and mixed reactions to Flanders' mesmerizingly fit body, Homer tried to ski away, but ends up skiing down the wrong trail. Homer (who is panicking) tries to remember advice that the ski instructor said to him, but cannot because he keeps thinking about Ned's suit and the dance he was showing off with. In frustration, Homer yells out “Stupid Sexy Flanders”. Homer then proceeds to injure himself on the mogul ski jumps.





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