Surly Duff is one of The Seven Duffs. Along with the rest of the group, Surly is a mascot for Duff Beer and appears as a costumed character in places such as Duff Gardens. However, Surly has also been seen out in public on occasion.


Surly Duff's family

Surly Duff's family at Chip Davis' funeral in Four Regrettings And A Funeral

Surly is the only one of the Seven Duffs who speaks. True to his name, Surly has a surly and cynical demeanor. Everything he says either has a cynical undercurrent behind it or is a direct put-down:

  • "Hey, Surly only looks out for one guy ... Surly!"[1]
  • "Shut up."[1]
  • "Take a picture, it'll last longer. Get outta here!"[1]
  • While greeting people at the Duff Dayz Beer Festival, Surly says in a loud voice, "Drink Duff!" Then he covers his mouth with his hand and adds "Responsibly," in a much quieter voice[2].

Surly has also been seen in public on occasions when he wasn't acting as a representative for Duff Beer. When Marge Simpson accidentally got breast implants, Surly was among a crowd of men leering at her enhanced figure[3].

In 2004, Surly Duff was featured in Homer's ad as being a fellow member of Families Come First along with Kirk Van Houten, Bumblebee Man, and The Frank Nelson Type.

When Moe's Tavern was shut down for failing a health inspection, a wake was held for the bar and Surly was one of the mourners in attendance[4].


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In The Simpsons: Hit and Run, Surly and the other Duffs can be seen on a rotating poster in Moe's Tavern.[5]

Behind the Laughter

  • The Seven Duffs are an obvious reference to, and pun on, the Seven Dwarfs from the Disney animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Surly is one of only four Duffs named in their first appearance in "Selma's Choice." (The other three named in the episode were Tipsy, Queasy and Remorseful.)
  • He Was Replaced By Duffman



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