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(To Homer at the hospital) I hurt my back unclogging your septic system.
―Coming to Homerica

Sven is a character from Ogdenville.


Sven was one of many residents that came from Ogdenville to Springfield after the economy in Ogdenville collapsed.

The collapse being caused by rats getting into the barley, which was in the Veteterian burgers served at Krusty Burger. This caused everyone that ate the burgers to get sick.

Sven was seen at the hospital after he hurt his back unclogging the Simpsons' septic system. Later, he and Flanders were seen building the wall together, where Sven and Flanders found out they had something in common.


Sven wore long light brown pants, a grayish sweater, and brown shoes. He has blonde hair and a mustache. He also is balding.