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Swapper Jack's is a healthy convenience store in Springfield.


When Swapper Jack's opened up, everyone started to go there instead of the Kwik-E-Mart due to it being a lot healthier. Apu thought that everyone was betraying him as he thought of them as friends. Apu ended up in a miniature sword fight with Homer before being dragged off by two employees.

Paula Paul was at the store that day signing autographs. Homer took the Puree-Station 3 here to get her to sign it, which she does. She also offers to ring Marge up to wish her a happy birthday.

Later, Snake Jailbird is seen working in the store. He likes it as he is no longer known as "Jailbird," but just "Bird." Apu then comes into the store and tries to rob it, using the bullets that Snake had previously fired into his chest. Snake convinces him to put down the gun and comforts him, telling him that Chief Wiggum will just make him write book reports for Ralph.

The store was doing so well that the Kwik-E-Mart was closing down. However, just when Apu had given up, Manjula informed him that Swapper Jack's had closed down as they had used monkey meat scooped off the ground of Brazil instead of chicken. It has since reopened.

To commemorate the reopening, Krusty the Clown performed live outside.