Burns' Heir
Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
The Boy Who Knew Too Much


  • Principal Skinner's barbecue apron reads: "Principals Do It Nine Months A Year."
  • The drink flavors at the Kwik-E-Mart are Red and Green.
  • Luigi Risotto, Gerald Samson, and Leopold make their first appearance in this episode.
  • The song playing during the home movie is Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help from My Friends", originally done by The Beatles. This is a reference to the intro for The Wonder Years.
  • When this episode first aired, stars appeared during the commercial breaks to celebrate the 100th episode.
    • Luke Perry: (referring to his animated appearance) You know, I've been shot out of a lot of cannons, but there's nothing like the first time. Congratulations to The Simpsons on their 100th episode.
    • Leonard Nimoy: To everyone in the sleepy town of Springfield...may you live long and prosper.
    • Kelsey Grammer: Hello, Kelsey Grammer here. Felicitations to the people who bring The Simpsons to life. May you make 100 more.
  • In the deleted scenes on the season 5 DVDs, we learn that the Squeaky Voiced Teen's Christian name is Jeremy.
  • There are several references to the Alien franchise:
    • When Principal Skinner looks after Santa's Little Helper, it is a parody of the first film.
    • When Groundskeeper Willie sees Santa's Little Helper running, it is a parody of Alien 3.
    • When Skinner looks at the thing who shows where Willie is, it is another parody of the first film.
  • Skinner writes a novel with the exact same plot as Jurassic Park called Billy and the Clone-o-sarus.
  • The chalkboard refers to this being the 100th episode when it says "meaningless milestone".
  • This episode marks the first time Superintendent Chalmers says his trademark catchphrase, "SKINNERRRRRR!"



  • Janey appears in Mrs. Krabappel's classroom, but she is actually in Miss Hoover's class. It is not uncommon for elementary school students to spend part of the day outside of their "homeroom." 
  • In "Bart the Murderer", Skinner was living on his own. He could have moved back in with his mother after living on his own for a while or vice versa.
  • In the couch gag, the middle couch cushion is missing.
  • Santa’s Little Helper was seen eating raisin cookies, but raisins are bad for dogs.
  • Both parts of the sign are painted blue

    The school’s sign is completely blue instead of yellow and blue.

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