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Cultural references

  • The Duff Book of World Records” and its origin are references to Guinness World Records, which was originally used to settle trivia arguments in bars.
  • When Homer falls down the Pyramid, he holds on to one of the people, only with one hand and then twists his body around to reach another part to hold on. This resembles the opening scene of Mission:Impossible 2, where Tom Cruise climbs up a mountain in the Rockies.
  • When Agnes Skinner and Hans Moleman run away from the giant ball of people, it strongly resembles the scene where Indiana Jones runs away from the giant rock at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Count Fudgula is a parody of the General Mills cereal mascot Count Chocula.
  • The song that is played when the city bans candy is Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy”. The song played during the end credits is "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies ("Sugar Sugar" was last heard on the season five episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood" when Homer daydreams about dancing with lollipops and ice cream cones on a desert island).
  • As the chocolate figure of Johnny Depp melts in the bonfire, it strongly resembles the famous painting, The Scream.
  • A movie entitled Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts, was mentioned in this episode for many times as the episode's plot was modeled by the movie's script.
  • When Apu is leading Homer to the secret meeting, a sound-alike version of Axel F can be heard.
  • Chief Wiggum chasing Homer in a boat is based on many scenes from the TV show Miami Vice and Jan Hammer's theme for the show is also played.
  • When Homer sits next an obese man and says that he could be the world's fattest man, the guy claims he is actually there for "Greatest Living Actor". This is a reference to Marlon Brando, who is thought by many to be the greatest actor of all time, as well as gaining a lot of weight in his later years.


Lou with yellow skin

  • Hans Moleman was seen running away from the ball of people, but when the scene is played in slow-motion, Moleman can be seen already in the ball of people.

Krusty with a white nose

  • Lou's complexion is yellow when he throws the Johnny Depp-shaped chocolate into the fire.
  • While the cops were throwing the sugar products into the fire, Krusty's clown nose is seen to be white instead of red.

Frink with his green coat

  • Professor Frink's coat is green in this episode when he's in the lab. Usually he only has a green coat in non-scientific environments.


  • This episode was "Dedicated to the memory of Ron Taylor." Ron was the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa's saxophone muse and jazz hero. Oddly enough his dedication is completely removed in some syndication's and on physical media such as DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • The scene where the Butterfinger bars don't catch fire and Chief Wiggum says, "Even the fire doesn't want them" pokes fun at them because for a long time, The Simpsons characters starred in Butterfinger commercials, which helped the series get launched by earning revenue from the commercials. Around the time "Sweets and Sour Marge" was written, the series contract with Butterfinger was terminated, and the staff therefore decided to make fun of it. "If it had still been in existence, we wouldn't have done it", Al Jean said in the DVD commentary for the episode. The Butterfinger scene was cut for time when reruns of this episode were shown during syndication.
  • At least 211 people are in the human pyramid.
  • Lenny technically breaks the fourth wall by grinning with his teeth missing at what is presumably the audience in the last scene.
  • This episode implies that Springfield is in Kentucky. As Mr. Burns states that they are going to smuggle sugar into the south border and Homer replies "oh you mean Tennessee".
  • This is the second episode where Homer illegally smuggles food products to Springfield. The first is Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment.

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