Taffy is a fifth-grader who briefly fell in love with Milhouse.


During lunch, Taffy overhears Milhouse proclaim his love for Lisa, only to be rebuffed by her. Impressed by Milhouse's action, she falls in love with him and begins dating him. This causes Milhouse to no longer seek out Lisa, which she is used to, causing her to follow them around, believing Taffy is up to something. However, when Lisa follows them to Reaching Hands Point, she is spotted by them and Taffy, having really liked Milhouse, realizes that Milhouse might still love Lisa and dumps him. Lisa is forced to comfort Milhouse and kiss him.

Pulling Taffy

Taffy has her own online blog page called "Pulling Taffy" and currently has at least five online friends such as Kyle LaBianco, Allison Taylor, Becky, Janey Powell, and White Weasel. Milhouse was also an online friend of hers, but presumably after she dumped him, she removed him from her 'Friends' list. According to one of her blogs, she originally wanted to be a model/gymnast/veterinarian, but currently wants to put her energy in becoming a ballerina/safari guide. In addition to her future plans, she decided to not have children until the age of 25. When doing so, she plans to have three boys named Casey, Stacy and Sting, as well as twin girls. She also plans to live on a boat [1].



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