Lisa the Drama Queen
Take My Life, Please
How the Test Was Won
Homer: I'm going to find out what Dondelinger did last summer! Twenty-two years ago! In the winter!

(After the principal switches the ballot boxes so Vance would win class president)
Principal: (to Carl and Lenny) You two, I want you to dispose of this ballot box.
Lenny: Only if you do us a favor.
Principal: What is it?
Carl: Our parents want us to go to this place called "college".
Lenny: Yeah, bail us out and we'll get rid of the box.
Principal: (sighs) Fine, but if you mess up, it's Ohio College for both of you!
Carl and Lenny: AARRGHH!

(After Homer finds out what his life would have been like after seeing the events inside a tub of magic sauce)
Homer: Please help me! How can I have that life back!
Chef: Ask the garlic bread...
Homer: (picks up the bread) Oh garlic bread, please guide me!
Chef: HAHAHA, look, the stupid fat man is talking to the garlic bread! HAHAHA!

(After Homer leaves the Italian restaurant)
Homer: Looks like I'll never have a life like Vance has.
Marge: Homer close your eyes...
(The family lead Homer to the Springfield Wall of Fame)
Marge: Now open!
(Homer opens his eyes and see's a plaque on the wall of fame dedicated to him)
Homer: Woohoo! wait... how did I get on the wall of fame?
Bart: Hey, plaques come and plaques go.
(The camera pans out to reveal Principal Skinner's plaque in the garbage can)

Lisa: Please stop doing that.
Homer: "D'oh" or "Woo Hoo"?
Lisa: Both!

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