The Old Man and the Key
Tales from the Public Domain
Blame It on Lisa
Lisa: And that´s the greatest story ever written.
Bart: Are you crazy? I can´t believe a play where every character becomes murdered can be so boring.
Homer: Son, it's not only a great play, but also became a great movie called... Ghostbusters!
(Everyone starts dancing to the Ghostbusters theme)

D'oh, Brother Where Art Thou?

Homer as Odysseus: (After eating his friends that Circe turned into pigs with her potion) Ah, I’m still hungry.
Circe: Didn't you eat enough of your friends.
Homer (Odysseus): THOSE WERE MY FRIENDS!
Circe: Yes, been saying that for hours.
Homer (Odysseus): That's it! I'm going home. Which way to Ithaca?
Circe: It's not so easy. You must go through Hades, crossing the River Styx.

[As Styx music plays in the background]
Homer: (as Odysseus) Oh this truly is hell!

Hot Child in the City

Bart: (in a low voice) Joan, give me your dessert!
Lisa: (as Joan of Arc) C'mon, that was just you, Bart
Lisa: Ok, God.

Lisa: (as Joan of Arc) You can't stop me! I WAS SENT…BY GOD! (Willie grabs her and puts her into a bag) I want my mommy!

Do the Bard, Man

Moe (Claudius): I didn't use that much poison! (The crowd gasps) I mean, I didn't use that much poi, son! At the... royal luau.

Bart: The play's the thing in which I'll catch the conscience of the king.
Claudius (Moe): Catch my conscience? What are you talking about?
Bart: Hey! You're not supposed to be able to hear me! It was a soliloquy.
Claudius (Moe): Oh, then here's my soliloquy. Note to self, kill that kid.

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