Undiscussed reverts

I was editing the article when I replaced the bland and boring image in the character template, with a much better one. Unfortunately, it was displayed way too big -- so I went looking for an example of the character template, in use, to see how to size the image.

When I got back, a minute later, I saw that user Tina.g.sherwin had reverted my edit -- without typing anything in the edit summary.

I assumed she'd reverted my edit because the image had been displayed so big. So I went ahead and restored the image I'd used, sizing it. I wrote, "Much better image, sized" in the edit summary.

She reverted my edit eight minutes later. The image she's insisting on, looks a lot more like an image at deviantART than an actual The Simpsons, Frankie the Squealer, image.

(image removed)     Frankiethesquealer

The deviant image on the left has small pupils, a two-dimensional pendant, a green jacket and lighter skin --  all like the deviantART image. The actual image on the right has larger pupils, a three-dimensional pendant, a blue jacket, and darker skin.

I suspect the deviant image came from deviantART, maybe from the very same artist that created the image I've referred to. -- Fit Tony (talk) 17:28, November 11, 2014 (UTC)

I tried to discuss this with the other editor, on her talk page, but her replies were unresponsive. I asked the administrators to have a look. One replied, "I say include an image from an episode as opposed to that, because this looks too much like an MS Paint image than an official one."
The image I initially switched to, in the template, is from an episode. It's 2 against 1. I have been unable to engage the other editor in an earnest discussion. There is consensus for my version.
I replaced the image that looks like it came from deviantART, with the image that's from an episode. -- Fit Tony (talk) 20:03, November 12, 2014 (UTC)
I didn't see the edits being reverted earlier and I didn't answer the message you left for me, but I think this could be due to a misconception that we needed to keep the "grabpic", which is what you were describing. Basically, it's people trying to draw a character to make it look like a promotional image, but because they are using a not very powerful graphics program like MS Paint, it doesn't look very good and is obvious.
We do want screenshots whenever possible. I wound up finding a fairly good picture from one of the most recent episodes, so I used that to replace the "grabpic" on a few pages. I will be deleting this one after I make sure all pages that link to it are cleaned up. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 07:12, December 30, 2014 (UTC)
This was not due to a misconception that we needed to keep the grabpic, Roger. Tina.g.sherwin identified her reason, the one time she wrote something in her edit summary, "We need Transparent images."
When I asked her if she would direct me to the policy, that requires that we use character images with transparent backgrounds, she was unresponsive. -- Fit Tony (talk) 21:49, December 31, 2014 (UTC)
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