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This bugs me but...

Why does Lisa constantly say that she has no friends despite her friendship with Janey, it doesn't make sense!

Janey in many episodes is seen teasing her. I agree that her comments don't contrast with sleep overs etc. you see her and Janey and even Becky having, but again The Simpsons has many more inconsistencies like this. You see directors are given creative control, so unlike many other cartoons, they are allowed to dramatically change certain things to fit the episode. The best example is the constant changing of the Simpsons' residence. Jhonevan's signature. 07:42, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Sources and context needed

Henderson cites My Fair Laddy, Jackson cites Yellow Subterfuge, Jones cites The Burns Cage. More context would be useful for these though. Like a rough minutes/seconds estimate of when during the episode the information is given, and possibly quotes if it comes via dialogue or a screenshot if it comes via an image.

There is also no source listed for "Powell", which would make sense, particularly to explain why it is being used as the primary surname in preference to the other 3. Presumably there is a more authoritative source which establishes that, or it is used more often, or more recently.

I found the checklist image from Yellow Subterfuge for Janey Jackson and the transcript from Burns Cage for Jacqueline Jones...

In digging around I found which says "Did anyone notice Janey's last name on this episode? During the science fair, during the panning shot of the projects, the sign above Janey's project reads "Janey Henderson", though, according to Bart Simpson's Guide To Life, her last name is Powell." so that could clarify the 2 missing factors. I'd like to get a screenshot of whatever portion of Guide to Life shows that, as well as a screenshot of Janey's project in Fair Laddy, to round out all the sources.

We should consider the possibility that these are actually 4 different people:

  • We do not know what Janey Jackson looks like, this is just a name on a checklist which includes people from all around springfield (like Big Tony)
  • Jacqueline Jones could be a doppleganger, there is a different hairstyle to distinguish them.

As for Bart's book saying "Powell", is Bart really an authoritative source? He could easily have gotten mixed up. In the comics it didn't even seem clear that he knew her name, he just called her 'Ma Belle' and so on, while trying to get away from working with her.

Henderson seems like a stronger possibility, since that is from Janey herself, rather than from Bart. She would be a more reliable source on her last name than Bart is, and episode canon generally trumps book canon.

I'd also like to know if anyone has a source for "Janine", because none is mentioned.

Janey is noted as "Lisa's fair-weather best friend"

This part of the biography also lacks context. WHERE is this noted? We should establish all the times she has been called a 'best' friend, or a friend at all, in comparison to the other times Lisa is described as being friendless, to give a better idea of how that has changed over time. talk2ty 21:12, May 17, 2018 (UTC)