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Team USA

Team USA were a team, from the USA, that entered the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada for the curling event. The team consisted of Marge and Homer Simpson and Seymour and Agnes Skinner.


The team was formed when Agnes and Seymour saw how talented Marge was at curling while at the Skates 'n' Such Ice Rink. They asked Marge to join and only allowed Homer to join when Marge asked them.

The team became the USA representatives for curling in the Winter Olympics. The team had a slight dispute when Agnes and Seymour said that they didn't want Homer on the team as his shots were too weak. Marge pleaded with them and Homer stayed.They made it to the semi-final where Marge injured her right arm as they won. As things looked bleak, Seymour was about to forfeit the match until Marge stopped him and they went on to win the final and the gold medal.



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