Teleboobies is a children's educational television show produced in Brazil.


The Simpsons see Teleboobies when they stay in a hotel in Rio de Janeiro while searching for Lisa's pen pal, Ronaldo. The show features the tightly-clothed Xoxchitla, her assistants, and other creatures such as flamingoes presenting educational concepts in an entertaining (and risqué) fashion.

For example, Xoxchitla demonstrates the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise, by shaking her torso and twirling tassels attached to her breasts, which enraptures Bart. There was a point in the show where Xoxchitla says "Entepe, pene, entepe, pene", what she does isn't shown to the viewer but it shocks Bart, Lisa and Marge. Hinting she took her bra on and off. 

Ronaldo is later revealed to be working on the show, dressed as a flamingo.

When Xoxchitla dances on her show the letter "C" behind her gains a bar an obvious erection joke.

Behind the Laughter

Teleboobies is a direct parody of the very famous Brazilian Xou da Xuxa. Its title is a pun on the British children's programme, Teletubbies.


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