Temperance Barrows is the main character from the book The Harpooned Heart and its sequel The Harpooned Heart II: Thunder Down Under by Marge Simpson. Temperance is inspired from Marge.


Temperance lives on Nantucket with her two children and husband Captain Mordecai Barrows who is a crude, rude, perverted drunken brute.

Later, she meets a stranger, Cyrus Manley, who is new to the island. The two become very good friends and eventually, lovers.

Mordecai finds out their relationship and corners Cyrus on top of a cliff. When he learns that Cyrus is the father of Temperance's child, he throws his harpoon at him.

Cyrus falls down on a whale, but the harpoon's rope becomes wrapped around Mordecai's leg, dragging him under the sea to die with his enemy.


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