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A template to standardize how credits are displayed. This template provides two columns for text.


  • 80 is the width (maximum of 100). Leave out the % sign. To have the table be only as wide as required by the display text, put in a space instead of a number.
  • a and b are the the alignment for the left and right columns. Choices are L for left-align, C for center-aligned, R for right-aligned. They are independent of each other.
  • text1 and text2 is what to put into the left and right columns.

The table itself will be centered on the page.




Left-justified   Center-justified



Left-justified   Center-justified

{{Cr2| |L|Left-justified|R|Right-justified}}


Left-justified   Right-justified



Left-justified   Left-justified
Left-justified   Center-justified
Left-justified   Right-justified
Center-justified   Left-justified
Center-justified   Center-justified
Center-justified   Right-justified
Right-justified   Left-justified
Right-justified   Center-justified
Right-justified   Right-justified

See also

  • Template:Cr1 for a single column method of displaying a credit.
  • Template:Cap for displaying text in all uppercase or in smallcaps.
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