Converts the name of an episode into a number. The Simpsons Shorts are assigned the number zero or a negative number since they came before the series premiere, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire".

Certain punctuation in an episode title can cause the template to break. Examples include apostrophes/single quotes, double quotes and colons. For these cases, the line immediately below needs to have the episode number equal itself (283=283). This is used by the Eps-PN template to compensate for when BASEPAGENAME would not match the episode name correctly due to the punctuation. It also eliminates the need to convert the punctuation into Unicode values, since it may not be possible to convert a colon to a value that would still work.

Changing episode names and broadcast order

If the spelling of an episode's name changes, that needs to be updated here and on the Eps-Out template. If the episode's new name includes punctuation described above, be sure to add an override line immediately below it (a "x=x" line, such as 283=283).

When Fox changes the order that an episode is broadcast, such as when "Dangers on a Train" was moved from the premiere of Season 25 to the finale of Season 24, the episode number needs to be updated, along with any override line that accompanies it. Move the episode up or down in the listing so that the episodes are kept in straight numerical order. Update the Eps-Out template to match the change in this template.

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