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The Way of the Dog

Season 31 finale, "The Way of the Dog".

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Warrin' Priests (Part One)

A new preacher shows Springfield what they've been missing at church.

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Warrin' Priests (Part Two)

What secret does Pastor Bode have?

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The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds

Mean girls come to Springfield.

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Displays a slideshow of recent and upcoming episodes for our main page.

After updating the slideshow, it may take a while before the changes are reflected on the main page. The amount of time will vary depending on how busy the servers are. If the main page is edited, it will immediately see the changes to this template.


<gallery mode="slider" type="slider" orientation="bottom">

A maximum of four pictures can be displayed. If there are less than four lines, the slider will display how many pictures are included.

  • Picture1.jpg   — The picture to be displayed. The "File:" prefix is optional. If the name of the picture is not correct or the picture is missing, the entire line is ignored and only valid lines are processed. This will result in only 3 or fewer pictures being displayed.
  • Title   — The title for the picture.
  • Page   — The page to go to when someone clicks on the main picture. If there are any problems with linking to a page, use the full URL of the page, such as
  • linktext=   — The description to show below the picture title.


  • The picture should be 660x360 in size. Smaller pictures will be centered in these dimensions and larger pictures will show only the 660x360 pixels that start in the upper left corner of the picture.
  • For horizontal sliders such as this one, the bottom 90 pixels of the image should contain less detail than the rest of the picture since this area is overlayed with the thumbnails and the text.
  • When uploading the slider picture, add [[Category:Main page sliders]] to the Summary to identify it as a slider picture, especially if it will be a slider version of an existing picture.

Available sliders

Use these two placeholder pictures until official artwork or a screencap is available: