type = the type of page to be used. Choices:

  • Eps = Episodes
  • Ref = References/Trivia
  • App = Appearances
  • Cre = Credits
  • Quo = Quotes
  • Ext = Extras
  • Gen = General

page1 and page2 are the Previous and Next pages to show. The links to those pages will be added automatically.

optional is an optional name to be displayed in the middle of the navigation bar. If it is not included the main name of the page (the Basepagename) will be displayed. For example, if the template is used on the Pokey Mom/Quotes page, Pokey Mom will be displayed.

page1_title and page2_title are optional display names to be used in place of the page's name. If you want to override the display name for one, you must provide a display name for both. Otherwise, the template will not display correctly. The optional parameter also becomes required at this point.


{{PrevNext|Eps|Maggie's Brain|House of Cards}}

Maggie's Brain
House of Cards

{{PrevNext|Eps|Maggie's Brain|House of Cards|the football episode}}

Maggie's Brain
the football episode
House of Cards

{{PrevNext|Eps|Maggie's Brain|House of Cards|the football episode|A|B}}

the football episode
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