[[Homer the Whopper{{{1}}}|Homer the Whopper]] • [[Bart Gets a "Z"{{{1}}}|Bart Gets a "Z"]] • [[The Great Wife Hope{{{1}}}|The Great Wife Hope]] • [[Treehouse of Horror XX{{{1}}}|Treehouse of Horror XX]] • [[The Devil Wears Nada{{{1}}}|The Devil Wears Nada]] • [[Pranks and Greens{{{1}}}|Pranks and Greens]] • [[Rednecks and Broomsticks{{{1}}}|Rednecks and Broomsticks]] • [[O Brother, Where Bart Thou?{{{1}}}|O Brother, Where Bart Thou?]] • [[Thursdays with Abie{{{1}}}|Thursdays with Abie]] • [[Once Upon a Time in Springfield{{{1}}}|Once Upon a Time in Springfield]] • [[Million Dollar Maybe{{{1}}}|Million Dollar Maybe]] • [[Boy Meets Curl{{{1}}}|Boy Meets Curl]] • [[The Color Yellow{{{1}}}|The Color Yellow]] • [[Postcards From the Wedge{{{1}}}|Postcards From the Wedge]] • [[Stealing First Base{{{1}}}|Stealing First Base]] • [[The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed{{{1}}}|The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed]] • [[American History X-cellent{{{1}}}|American History X-cellent]] • [[Chief of Hearts{{{1}}}|Chief of Hearts]] • [[The Squirt and the Whale{{{1}}}|The Squirt and the Whale]] • [[To Surveil With Love{{{1}}}|To Surveil With Love]] • [[Moe Letter Blues{{{1}}}|Moe Letter Blues]] • [[The Bob Next Door{{{1}}}|The Bob Next Door]] • [[Judge Me Tender{{{1}}}|Judge Me Tender]]


When building the list of episodes, the list must follow this format:


"episode" is the name of the episode, and it must be included twice so that the link will display correctly whether it's the main episode's page or a sub-page like /Credits or /Quotes.

Once the list of episodes is created, refer to the Season template for how to use it.

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