[[Elementary School Musical{{{1}}}|Elementary School Musical]] • [[Loan-a Lisa{{{1}}}|Loan-a Lisa]] • [[MoneyBART{{{1}}}|MoneyBART]] • [[Treehouse of Horror XXI{{{1}}}|Treehouse of Horror XXI]] • [[Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life{{{1}}}|Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life]] • [[The Fool Monty{{{1}}}|The Fool Monty]] • [[How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?{{{1}}}|How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?]] • [[The Fight Before Christmas{{{1}}}|The Fight Before Christmas]] • [[Donnie Fatso{{{1}}}|Donnie Fatso]] • [[Moms I'd Like to Forget{{{1}}}|Moms I'd Like to Forget]] • [[Flaming Moe{{{1}}}|Flaming Moe]] • [[Homer the Father{{{1}}}|Homer the Father]] • [[The Blue and the Gray{{{1}}}|The Blue and the Gray]] • [[Angry Dad: The Movie{{{1}}}|Angry Dad: The Movie]] • [[The Scorpion's Tale{{{1}}}|The Scorpion's Tale]] • [[A Midsummer's Nice Dream{{{1}}}|A Midsummer's Nice Dream]] • [[Love is a Many Strangled Thing{{{1}}}|Love is a Many Strangled Thing]] • [[The Great Simpsina{{{1}}}|The Great Simpsina]] • [[The Real Housewives of Fat Tony{{{1}}}|The Real Housewives of Fat Tony]] • [[Homer Scissorhands{{{1}}}|Homer Scissorhands]] • [[500 Keys{{{1}}}|500 Keys]] • [[The Ned-liest Catch{{{1}}}|The Ned-liest Catch]]


When building the list of episodes, the list must follow this format:


"episode" is the name of the episode, and it must be included twice so that the link will display correctly whether it's the main episode's page or a sub-page like /Credits or /Quotes.

Once the list of episodes is created, refer to the Season template for how to use it.

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