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[[Stark Raving Dad{{{1}}}|Stark Raving Dad]] • [[Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington{{{1}}}|Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington]] • [[When Flanders Failed{{{1}}}|When Flanders Failed]] • [[Bart the Murderer{{{1}}}|Bart the Murderer]] • [[Homer Defined{{{1}}}|Homer Defined]] • [[Like Father, Like Clown{{{1}}}|Like Father, Like Clown]] • [[Treehouse of Horror II{{{1}}}|Treehouse of Horror II]] • [[Lisa's Pony{{{1}}}|Lisa's Pony]] • [[Saturdays of Thunder{{{1}}}|Saturdays of Thunder]] • [[Flaming Moe's{{{1}}}|Flaming Moe's]] • [[Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk{{{1}}}|Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk]] • [[I Married Marge{{{1}}}|I Married Marge]] • [[Radio Bart{{{1}}}|Radio Bart]] • [[Lisa the Greek{{{1}}}|Lisa the Greek]] • [[Homer Alone{{{1}}}|Homer Alone]] • [[Bart the Lover{{{1}}}|Bart the Lover]] • [[Homer at the Bat{{{1}}}|Homer at the Bat]] • [[Separate Vocations{{{1}}}|Separate Vocations]] • [[Dog of Death{{{1}}}|Dog of Death]] • [[Colonel Homer{{{1}}}|Colonel Homer]] • [[Black Widower{{{1}}}|Black Widower]] • [[The Otto Show{{{1}}}|The Otto Show]] • [[Bart's Friend Falls in Love{{{1}}}|Bart's Friend Falls in Love]] • [[Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?{{{1}}}|Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?]]


When building the list of episodes, the list must follow this format:


"episode" is the name of the episode, and it must be included twice so that the link will display correctly whether it's the main episode's page or a sub-page like /Credits or /Quotes.

Once the list of episodes is created, refer to the Season template for how to use it.