[[The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson{{{1}}}|The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson]] • [[The Principal and the Pauper{{{1}}}|The Principal and the Pauper]] • [[Lisa's Sax{{{1}}}|Lisa's Sax]] • [[Treehouse of Horror VIII{{{1}}}|Treehouse of Horror VIII]] • [[The Cartridge Family{{{1}}}|The Cartridge Family]] • [[Bart Star{{{1}}}|Bart Star]] • [[The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons{{{1}}}|The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons]] • [[Lisa the Skeptic{{{1}}}|Lisa the Skeptic]] • [[Realty Bites{{{1}}}|Realty Bites]] • [[Miracle on Evergreen Terrace{{{1}}}|Miracle on Evergreen Terrace]] • [[All Singing, All Dancing{{{1}}}|All Singing, All Dancing]] • [[Bart Carny{{{1}}}|Bart Carny]] • [[The Joy of Sect{{{1}}}|The Joy of Sect]] • [[Das Bus{{{1}}}|Das Bus]] • [[The Last Temptation of Krust{{{1}}}|The Last Temptation of Krust]] • [[Dumbbell Indemnity{{{1}}}|Dumbbell Indemnity]] • [[Lisa the Simpson{{{1}}}|Lisa the Simpson]] • [[This Little Wiggy{{{1}}}|This Little Wiggy]] • [[Simpson Tide{{{1}}}|Simpson Tide]] • [[The Trouble with Trillions{{{1}}}|The Trouble with Trillions]] • [[Girly Edition{{{1}}}|Girly Edition]] • [[Trash of the Titans{{{1}}}|Trash of the Titans]] • [[King of the Hill{{{1}}}|King of the Hill]] • [[Lost Our Lisa{{{1}}}|Lost Our Lisa]] • [[Natural Born Kissers{{{1}}}|Natural Born Kissers]]


When building the list of episodes, the list must follow this format:


"episode" is the name of the episode, and it must be included twice so that the link will display correctly whether it's the main episode's page or a sub-page like /Credits or /Quotes.

Once the list of episodes is created, refer to the Season template for how to use it.

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