Template to display YouTube videos inside a border or without, and with optional captions. Allows the size and caption of the video to be adjusted independent of each other. The standard way of linking to a YouTube video with <youtube width=x height=y>video#</youtube> has limitations where captions can only be used in thumbnails and the thumbnails actually display at full size.


{{Video-youtube|video alignment|border choice|<youtube width=xyz height=abc>''video#''</youtube>|caption alignment|caption}}

Parameters are case sensitive.

  • video alignment: left, center, right. For positioning the video on the page. Text will flow alongside left- and right-aligned videos, but will drop below a center-aligned video.
  • border choice: border, noborder. Draws or does not draw a 1 pixel border around the video. If a different value is entered here, the border defaults to 3 pixels.
  • The middle parameter is the standard <youtube> code, such as <youtube width=200 height=150>P0QAu5oaw7I</youtube>
  • caption alignment: left, center, right. Optional. For positioning a caption below the video. If this parameter is not included, any caption text will be ignored.
  • caption: Optional. Caption for the video.


{{Video-youtube|left|noborder|<youtube width=200 height=150>P0QAu5oaw7I</youtube>}}

The Rollercoaster rollercoaster

{{Video-youtube|right|border|<youtube width=300 height=250>P0QAu5oaw7I</youtube>|center|The ''Rollercoaster'' rollercoaster}}

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