Worst Episode Ever
Tennis the Menace
Day of the Jackanapes
Lou: Hey Chief, we're gonna bust up that crack house tonight.
Wiggum: We did that last night.
Lou: Yeah, but this time we got the right address.

Homer: Hey, that's great. Listen, I need a new doubles partner. My little girl's a lead weight.
Serena Williams: You're dumping your own daughter?
Homer: Yeah, but only to crush my wife and son!
Serena: That's horrible!
Venus Williams: Yeah, that's pretty low.
Homer: (to Venus) Hmm.. you seem less disgusted, let's go!

(At the human chessboard on the grounds of Burns Manor...)
Black pawn: Hey, Burns has been gone for a while.
Black rook: (whispering) Let's make a run for it.
(They leave.)
Black king: Come back, fools! Protect me!
(The white queen, a white rook, and a white bishop beat up the undefended black king, while the remaining black rook watches, powerless to help.)

Smithers: Oh, where did you buy that novelty hand, sir?
Mr. Burns: This? Oh that's just fluid collecting.

Marge: And it's gonna do wonders for our social life!
Homer: Yeah, it’s nice to entertain friends and have people over.
Ned: Hey, you got a tennis court?
Homer: Keep walking, Flanders.
Ned: Will do...
Homer: Faster!

Grandpa: (singing) What's new, Pussycat? (cracks his knee) Owww, ow ow ow ow! What's new, Pussycat? (cracks his back back) Ohhhhh, God noooo!

Homer: (In a psychiatry session with Lisa) It's obvious what's happening. I'm being replaced by a younger more in-your-face version of me!
Lisa: Dad, you're just going through a classic oedipal anxiety. You remember the story of Oedipus, don't you?
Homer: Hm... maybe five bucks would refresh my memory.
Lisa: (Sighs) Oedipus killed his father and married his mother.
Homer: Ugh! Who pays for that wedding?
Lisa: I'm just saying you feel threatened by Bart, but it's all in your head.
Homer: You're right. But just to be safe, maybe I should chain him up!
Lisa: Dad! I think you're overreacting.
Homer: I think you're underreacting!
Lisa: This session is over!
Homer: This session is under!
Lisa: Goodbye! (leaves)
Homer: Badbye!

Bart: Telegram for Lisa Simpson! (pretends to open envelope)
Homer: Don't listen! It's a trick!
Bart: "Dear Lisa, Psyche! Psyche, psyche, psyche! Signed, Super Psyche".
Homer: I think he's trying to psyche you out.
Marge: Look, we're all trying to have dinner, so why don't we just psyche, psyche, psyche!

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