Terror Lake is a town in Springfield's State. It is located next to a lake and is about 15 miles by river from Springfield. The Simpsons lived there temporarily. It also featured a (presumably) annual parade called "Terror Lake celebrates Hannibal crossing the Alps."


When Sideshow Bob was paroled from prison, stalked Bart, and threatened to kill him, the Witness Relocation Program moved the Simpsons to Terror Lake for their protection. The Simpsons received new identities (the "Thompsons") and moved into a houseboat docked on a pier in the lake.

The WRP also considered Cape Fear, New Horrorfield, and Screamville as possible hiding places for the Simpsons.

Behind the laughter

  • The name of the town may be a reference to Camp Crystal Lake, setting of most of the Friday the 13th movies.
  • Irony: Towns with scary-sounding names being suggested as relocation options for the Simpsons so they can stop living in fear of Sideshow Bob. -George


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