A Star is Torn
Thank God It's Doomsday
Home Away from Homer
Homer: God, you've got a top notch destination resort here, but I can't enjoy myself knowing my family's suffering.

God: Oh, don't tell me about families suffering. My son went down to Earth once. I don't know what you people did to him, but he hasn't been the same since.

(After a group of celebrities and Krusty fall out of The Duff Blimp)
Krusty: Well, that's our show for tonight. I'd like to thank all the really talented people who broke my fall.

Homer: It came to me in a religious vision. Or maybe it was a drunken haze. Or possibly an ice cream headache.

Comic Book Guy: (to Homer) Hey, Nostradumbass... did the Rapture come? I can't recall. Oh, in fact I can recall and it didn't, and you suck.

Marge: Homer, I'm glad you're finally getting some exercise, but I just wish it wasn't crazy exercise.

Krusty: I don't want to die next to Kathy Griffin.

Homer: The Book of Revelation has 404 verses. Add the number of people at the Last Supper... [several calculations later] ...minus the number of Filipinos in the Bible [writes "- 0"], and you get?

(The Rapture doesn't happen)
Nelson: Haw Haw! Life goes on!

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