This maze is too hard for me.
―Stephen Hawking[src]

The A-Maize-Ing Maize Maze is a maize maze at a Harvest Festival. The maze is electrified for families enjoyment.


The Simpsons accidentally walked into it and got lost. After a while of wondering around, Homer threw Lisa into the air to find the way out, she but couldn't. Homer then ran off on his own after Marge suggested splitting up to get out of the maze. The rest of the family got out of the maze using Tremaux's algorithm. Bart's plan to get out was to burn the corn; he did burn some of it.

At night, Homer was still stuck in the maze. Marge told him to eat some corn but Homer replied that he didn't have any holders. Santa's Little Helper ran into the maze and found Homer, passing Edna Krabappel making out with another guy, Barney Gumble passed out in the hedge and saw Stephen Hawking who claimed that the maze is too hard for him and flew out of it in his wheelchair. Santa's Little Helper then started to drag Homer out of the maze as he was writing a goodbye message to Marge.


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