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The Art Museum
Zoo Story
This is the last time I take you kids to the art museum.
Homer Simpson

The Art Museum is the twenty-eighth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show May 1, 1988.


Marge takes the family to the art museum, although they are all bored. Eventually, Bart is admiring a nude painting of a woman and when Homer comes up to block his eyes, he starts looking at it, finding it to be impressive. Then Marge comes up to block Homers eyes. After that, Bart is hiding in a priceless urn as Lisa is tipping it over, much to Marge and Homer's shock. Right when it's about to fall down, Maggie zips in and catches it. Homer then attempt to punch Bart, but he hides back inside the urn, warning Homer that it's priceless if he tries to break it. Furious, Homer drives the family home, declaring this is the last time he's taking Bart to the art museum. Bart and Lisa don't really care, which then infuriates Homer more until Marge calms him down, saying the kids just aren't mature enough to appreciate fine art. Bart disagrees, saying he wants to become a collector and in the backseat of the car he has the same nude painting of a woman. Homer looks behind and shrieks.

Behind the Laughter

For reasons later revealed, this is one of the few instances of actual nudity in any Simpsons related media.

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