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Remember when I said I would eat you last? I lied.
Rainier Wolfcastle talking to a slice of pie

The Bart Wants What it Wants is the eleventh episode of Season 13.


Bart develops a crush on Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter Greta. After hastily thinking he is not ready for love, Bart dumps her, only to have second thoughts later. But by then, Greta falls for Milhouse and a trip to the set of Rainier's latest movie in Canada isn't plenty for Bart to win her back.

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Bart and Greta Holding Hands

When Homer steals the Olympic Torch because he hates the way they interrupt his shows once again, he and the family are on a high speed chase that, after Marge gives the torch back to the Olympic administrators (whose helicopter later crashes), leads them to a fair at Springfield Private School. There Principal Skinner steals things for the elementary school, Lisa wants to stay in that school and Bart saves the daughter of Rainier Wolfcastle, Greta, from a gang of bullies. Greta then develops a crush on Bart and invites him to come over to their house sometime. Homer and Marge have to pry Lisa from the school gates, telling her they can't afford to send her and that the only university they will let her attend is in South Carolina. At the Simpsons House, Greta takes Bart's hand, only for Bart thinking she is just playing. Greta then invites him to her school's dance but Bart and Milhouse hear Skinner talking about his bomb at an open mic comedy night and chooses to go there to perform a prank on Skinner and laugh at him, telling Greta he is ill. When Lisa catches Bart coming home, she calls him out on standing up Greta and tells him about Greta's feelings for him. Bart finds Greta too needy for him and breaks up with her, but she retaliates by dating Milhouse. Bart, now jealous, is determined to win Greta back. When he finds out that Greta is shooting a movie in Toronto, he convinces his family to take a trip to Canada so he can see her. Milhouse catches Bart at the movie set and they get into fight over Greta, which results in them rolling onto a curling game. Greta eventually breaks up with both of them and decides to stop dating for several years, so Bart and Milhouse reconcile.


When it was first broadcast, "The Bart Wants What It Wants" was seen by 5.9% of the American population between ages 18 and 49. It has since been negatively received by fans and has garnered mixed reviews from critics.


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