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Brake My Wife, Please
The Bart of War
Moe Baby Blues
Ned: Well, the folks at the Senior Center sure will love that peach tree we planted.
Rod: I wish we could see their happy faces!
Ned: Sin of pride, Roddy.
Rod: I'm sorry.
Ned: Sin of regret.

Chief Wiggum: Well, well, well! Looks like a couple of punks are going to be taking the "Last Train to Clarksville"!
Lou: That's the Monkees, Chief.
Chief Wiggum: Go wait in the car.
Lou: Fine... it was The Monkees.

Homer: (singing) I am Homer, tribal chief. I am wearing tiny briefs. Braves teach values boys should know. Now extended drum solo.
(Extended drum solo)

Kirk: (proudly) Pound him, Milhouse!
Homer: You talk tough for a man without health insurance.
Kirk: (smug) I'm on federal assistance. (Homer punches him in the face) Ah!
Pyro: You lay off my girlfriend's ex-husband!

Moe: Uh.. How did this happen?
Marge: All I wanted was to glue feathers on felt and teach boys good citizenship... *sobs* ...and now it's a donnybrook! *Starts crying and a cameraman nearby aims the video camera at her*
Homer: Oh, my God! That's my wife and she's crying!
Groundskeeper Willie: (punches Otto, then stops upon seeing Marge cry) Huh? Oh! Lassie, dry yer tears!
Otto Mann: Then show us your boobs!
Drederick Tatum: My God. Why are we fighting?
Moe: I ain't doing any fighting.

Milhouse: Well, Bart, we've learned that war is not the answer.
Bart: Except to all of America's problems.
Milhouse: Amen.

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