Brake My Wife, Please
The Bart of War
Moe Baby Blues


  • In this episode, Bart and Milhouse are seen watching an episode of South Park, in which Stan, Kyle, and Cartman are attending a concert with a murderous O.J. Simpson. This was in response to a South Park episode entitled, The Simpsons Already Did It, in which Butters finds that all of his original ideas were previously used on The Simpsons, and is subsequently driven insane. The episode references many specific Simpsons episodes, scenarios, and characters.
    • Shockingly, Kenny did not appear in the O.J. Simpson concert episode, as he died of a terminal illness, so that episode would be rumored to take place during South Park's sixth season.
  • Marge is holding the Québec flag along with the Canadian flag when they are singing "O Canada". This is a reference to how the French-Canadian province for years now have wanted to become an independent nation.
  • Although the episode mentions the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs when Homer watches a football game, the teams' uniform colors do not match the colors of their real life counterparts. Actually, the team uniforms resemble those of two Big Ten football teams, the University of Illinois Fighting Illini and the University of Wisconsin Badgers.
  • When everyone in the Isotopes stadium sang "O Canada", they do not sing the anthem completely, they forgot to sing "From far and wide".
  • Marge, Lisa and Maggie are the only audience members who did not join in the brawl.
  • When Bart and Milhouse run on a cart with two VHS tapes and a player in Ned's house the tapes are:
    • Girls Gone Mild; A reference to the show Girls Gone Wild.
    • Debbie Does Penance; A reference to the film Debbie does Dallas.
  • Homer thinks that the Indians lost the Civil War, a misconception that he was previously implied to hold in "The Sweetest Apu".

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
  • The name of the song used in the montage part of the episode is One Tin Soldier by Coven.

Beatles references

  • The drum solo Homer was playing during the first Pre-Teen Braves meeting is the opening drum part of "Get Back" and the middle of "The End", by The Beatles.
  • We learn Ned Flanders is also a fan of the Beatles, despite what John Lennon is supposed to have said "about Jesus" (actually, about Christians).
  • The four flavors of the "Beatles Soda" are "John Lemon" (John Lennon), "Paul McIcedTea" (Paul McCartney), "Orange Harrison" (George Harrison) and "Mango Starr" (Ringo Starr). Bart and Milhouse drink "John Lemon" and "Orange Harrison", the two Beatles that died (John Lennon and George Harrison).
  • After Bart sees Milhouse as John Lennon, Bart says "Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye", a direct quote from the Beatles song "I Am the Walrus".

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