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The Blue and the Gray
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  • This episode contradicts "Secrets of a Successful Marriage", where Homer revealed to the class Marge has had gray hair since she was a teenager and regularly dyed it. In this episode it appears this was the first time she understood of it. (But maybe Marge didn't understand she was gray underneath the dye).
  • Jessica Simpson could not be a relative to The Simpson Family, because she is a real life celebrity and her surname matching with the Simpsons could have been random similarity.
  • There are two Disco Stus during the opening of the seminar.



  • Sherri and Terri are apparently two-thirds of conjoined triplets.
  • Moe's fake twin sister cameo appears in this episode.
  • Maggie and Baby Gerald kiss when they are cupids at the end of the episode. However, this part can be considered non-canon.
  • This is one of the few times the fact that Bart, Lisa and Maggie's lack of a hairline is brought up, greatly distressing the children who wonder what they are and where the 'border' is.
  • It is revealed that Selma has blonde hair and Patty has red hair; they claim that the purple-gray color is "just smoke and ash."
  • This episode revolves around Marge getting grey hair and becoming the target of elderly jokes. Marge's voice actress Julie Kavner was 60 when the episode aired.
  • Lisa does not realize where her hair starts, but in the episode "The Dad Who Knew Too Little", she painted her hair black with shoe polish, revealing her hairline. She also painted her hair brown in To Surveil With Love.
  • When Moe says that for every man, there is one woman, the woman in Europe who (implied) hangs herself lives in Northwestern Italy.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the song "The Blue and the Gray".
  • When Marge gets to the club, the song of the Wicked Witch of the West plays from the Wizard of Oz. As well as a flying monkey (Mr. Teeny) can be seen in the background.
  • The women Homer thinks of when Marge asks what he thinks when he hears beautiful woman were Neytiri, Smurfette, a Troll Doll with blue hair, and Marge with blue hair.
  • Homer explaining he will try to eat his leg to get freed, before Marge unties him, says it will take him 127 Hours.
  • The barbershop's name "Hairy Shearers" is a pun of Harry Shearer.
  • The instrumental tune from the ending is Love is Blue, by Paul Mauriat, which became the only number-one hit by a French artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 in America in 1968.
  • American Dad has a similar episode "Shallow Vows", as both episodes consists in that Marge and Francine chose stop to get a beauty treatment and this shows their true appearance (Marge's hair gray color / Francine's true grotesque appearance), this brings as result that their husbands finds Marge and Francine less attractives, and causes some problems in their relationship, especially when Marge and Francine finds the disgust of Homer and Stan about their new appearances.
  • When Marge assists Lisa in chasing down her macaroni Marconi, Milhouse wonders if Marge saw something scary, like the Count on Sesame Street.

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