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The Book Job
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"The Book Job" is the sixth episode of Season 23, originally in production as the final episode of Season 22.


When Lisa discovers that the author of her favorite fantasy series was hired to be the face of the book while the entire series was planned and written by committee, Homer and Bart decide to gain fame the same way with a novel about a ghoul attending a prestigious academy — until a real publisher wants to publish their work and change it into yet another teenaged vampire love story based on Twilight.

Full Story[]

Homer and Marge take Maggie, Bart, and Lisa to Dino-Land. After the show, the kids go to the gift shop where Homer says they are each permitted to get only one toy. Bart throws a fossilized piece of dinosaur poop at Homer, who dodges it, and the poop hits a costumed dinosaur head instead, knocking it off. Lisa says she knows the actress and follows it backstage. Lisa recognizes the actress as T.R. Francis, the writer of the Angelica Button book series. However, Lisa's joy turns to shock when the lady reveals that she did not in fact write the book. Instead, she just posed for the cover, and a tired team of underpaid authors wrote the book. A disappointed Lisa tells Homer what happened, and Homer is interested in the idea of writing a children's book. He enlists Bart, Patty, Moe, Skinner, and Professor Frink to help write the book. However, Lisa thinks she could do better, and decides to write her own book. At the library, Homer and the gang decide to write a book about trolls. Suddenly, Neil Gaiman appears, and offers to help write the book. The crew begins to work on the book, while Lisa dawdles with her own project. Finally, The Troll Twins of Underbridge Academy, Homer's book, is done, and they have a party at Moe's Tavern. Later, at the school book fair, they decide to pitch their idea. However, the publisher reveals they need a fake author with a tragic story. Homer chooses Lisa to be the author. The crew is happy that the book is being published, but then find out that the story has been changed to be about vampires. Homer and the crew decide to switch the book with their original version, and sneak into the book publishing office. The crew is caught, however, namely because Lisa gave the book publishers a tip to get more fame. She publishes the book, but switches the flash drive. So, the original book is published after all. However, Lisa finds out that Neil Gaiman took credit for the book, as he relaxes in Shelbyville. Then later Moe comes from behind the bushes and is about to assassinate Gaiman but cuts a pineapple and they both drink. But Gaiman poisoned the drink, implying that Moe died, and Gaiman all the money and got off scotch free.



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