Marge Gamer
The Boys of Bummer
Crook and Ladder
Joe La Boot: Bart?! Are you Bart Simpson?
Bart nods his head.
Joe La Boot: The kid who dropped that easy fly-ball?! You stink like a dutchman's throw up! Talking to you was the biggest error of my life!
A crowd forms and boos at Bart.
Joe La Boot: Boo. Boo indeed!

Helen Lovejoy: We're here about the mattress.
Homer: What's wrong with it?
Reverend Lovejoy: We tried raising "cain" but we weren't "abel."

Marge: Oh, yeah. That's quite something.
Lisa: Mom, put your glasses on.
Marge: But they make me look funny.
Marge puts her glasses on and sees Bart climbing a tower.
Marge: (gasps) My Baby!
Bart is then seen writing "I HATE BART SIMPSON" on the tower. A crowd forms around him.
Bart: Uh-uh. See, I hate me too!

Chief Wiggum: Jump! Who said that?
Bart: I hate Bart Simpson!
Bart falls from the tower.
Joe La Boot: I got him! I got him!
Bart falls into a nearby bush. Grampa comes along on a electronic wheelchair.
Grampa: You stink, La Boot!
Joe La Boot: Damn it!

Homer: Look, we're just gonna take our mattress, do a quick sweep of the medicine chest and we're outta here.
Homer does a sneaking effect sound of a high-hat cymbal.
Marge: Homer!
Homer: (Stops hi-hat effect) Sorry.
Homer: Boy, our son could be a real jerk. Hey you want to have ghost sex?
Marge: I keep telling you ghost sex is nothing! That's worst than nothing!
Homer: Why were you moaning last time?
Marge: Because I am a ghost! (moans)
Homer: (screams) A ghost!

Marge and Homer drive home from the Lovejoys' with half a mattress on top of their car
Marge: I wish he hadn't cut it that way, it looks like a grilled cheese sandwich!
Homer: Or, a chicken club, or a Reuben, (shivers) or a Monte Cristo ... pull over behind that billboard!

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