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We take a look at how a simple 5 dollar bill depicting Abraham Lincoln changes hands in the future.

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We start with Abe Lincoln blinking when posing for a new money denomination despite it being a painting by a descendant of Marge. Marge ensures him that it's a painting but her husband a descendant of Homer realizes not of his presidency but of his nickname, "Blinkin Lincoln". Lincoln wants to go to the theatre (Ford's Theatre) but merchants need a new money bill for change purposes, so he sends Homer in his place with a promise of a free buffet.

In the present time, Mr. Burns offers any worker with the Power Plant a 5 dollar bill to save money for the plant. With mr Burns at an event, Waylon Smithers tries to see who will get the 5 dollars, Carl comes up with a great idea giving everyone free hamsters. That plan falls apart when the Hamsters drink the radioactive waste and not water. Fortunately, the hamsters are saved and Homer wins the 5 dollars as he did nothing but sleep and in essence, did not ruin the plant. Homer celebrates by wanting to head for Moe's but he falls for a speed trap implanted by Chief Wiggum and tries to get out of the ticket by pretending to be Canadian. Wiggum calls his bluff and makes him drink maple syrup, catching him off-guard when Homer gets completely drunk off it with Wiggum saying a true Canadian wouldn't be tipsy. Homer gives Wiggum the 5 bucks as a bribe and then Clancy goes home to Ralph Wiggum and gives HIM the fiver. Bart sees Ralph with the 5 and attempts to pursue Ralph to share it with him, by showing him an obviously doctored picture of Bart with Ralph with a caption spelling Ralph's name as Ralf. Ralph buys Bart 2 ice cream cones with the 5 and then The Squeaky Voiced Teen goes on break and it's a front to copy his manifesto about the wage discrepancy but one of his co-workers, Jimmy, attempts to steal the manifesto for Mr. Burns, Aristotle the Shelbyville Plant owner, Richie Rich and the Monopoly guy (Aka Rich Uncle Pennybags). However, Jeremy does not enjoy his money as Bart claims the ice cream had octopus tentacles on it thus giving Ralph the 5 back, but Bart swipes it for himself.

Bart then gives the 5 to Krusty for his club fees which Krusty turns around and gives it to Gil for lawyer's fees in a case that he has to be the defendant versus Milhouse who now is stuck with Krusty's makeup permanently as part of a makeup kit. Gil doesn't help matters by revealing the small print about the product and of course incriminating Krusty in the process. Fortunately, the payout is 5 dollars which Krusty snatches from Gil and gives to Milhouse. Milhouse runs to Comic Book Guy to try to fix his makeup and gets a Bart mask for $5. It turns out to be fatal for Milhouse when Principal Skinner finds him and he thinks "Bart" is skipping detention again and he spent all day trying to find him and takes him away back to school. Comic Book Guy buys some stuff from Professor Frink for $5 and that gets Frink enough money to help fund his time travel machine to save President Lincoln.

Frink arrives at Ford's Theatre and saves the day (it could have been worse cause Homer was irritating John Wilkes Booth) and so HIS face is on the fiver with the caption "In Glavin We Trust".


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