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Homer: At last, I'm the captain of my own destiny!
Lisa: Dad, did you check on the location of your franchise?
Homer: Sure I did, sweetheart. Daddy found a prime corner.
Lisa: Take a look at the other three corners.
Homer: D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! You crooked clown! I was promised to be the only Krustyburger for one point three miles!
Krusty: You are! You are! Those are related businesses. A Krustyburger Express, a Krustaco Hut and a P.J. Mackrustydoodles.

Jimbo: Thank you for your order, sir.
Customer: Hey, this isn't a Krusty-sack. It's an air sickness bag.
Jimbo: We get 'em cheap. And might need it.
(customers throw up into bags)

(Later, at Krustylu Studios...)
Krusty: You guys, again? With the numbers and all that gescheft, you make me farblondget!
Businessman #1: Mr. can sit there and make up words or listen to these projections.
Businessman #2: There's a problem with store #987976.
Krusty: So, one joint is falling behind.
Businessman #1: It's more than that. The performance of #987976 is creating a negative same-store recidivism for the entire area.
Businessman #2: We forward look a freefall profit terminizing with shifts to the minus column in geometrical progression.
Krusty: What's so bad about what the guy who runs store #99-whatsis did? In English?
Businessman #1: He hocked a loogie in the punchbowl, Krusty!
Businessman #2: And somebody's gonna have to ladle it out!
Krusty: (rubber band breaks) Ow! All right! All right! It's time for Operation Loogie Ladle!

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